A Beginners Guide To Making Yourself Artificially Intelligent • (It’s A Lot Easier Than You Think)

If you are helping somebody, you are awaking somebody.

A High-Level Overview Of The Design

This is an awesome chance to begin to think about what you wear everyday. Sitting down, and analyzing what you like to wear allows you to refractor your personal source code that is written via the Python Script inside you.

Let’s go through each step it takes to design the AI assistant. The goal is to make your personal source code more isomorphic (Similar in form and relations) and immutable (unchanging over time or unable to be changed).

The entire world will soon be automated with a Python Script, and I’m going to be an instrumental part in doing so” Mass Automation Tools Designer • Elliot Mason Soren

Python isn’t necessary for this tutorial, but the application we are using is built using it. You are starting to think like a developer with this tutorial.

The framework we are using with Zapier can be applied to even the most advanced programming languages such as TensorFlow. You’re building something truly complex, just at a very high level.

Now, let’s complete the first step!

Step 1: Create Your Zapier Account

Normally, if we were coding this I would get technical and it would become very complicated quickly. Zapier is a high level abstraction that eliminates the need for scripting.

This isn’t an endorsement in any way, but rather the best way to automate your life without understanding code.

Zapier has a 14 day free trial that’s surprisingly worth it. I strongly dislike signing up for services, but since it doesn’t require a credit card, I’m okay with it.

It’s $20 a month after the trial period to become artificially intelligent, and allows make decisions that normally would each up a lot of your time, which is technically money.

If that sounds confusing, don’t worry you won’t need any of that knowledge to complete this tutorial.

Step 2: Create Your First Zap!

Now, it’s time to begin making our first zap after we created an account. You will land on the dashboard after creating an account. Feel free to explore and get acquainted with the user interface. It’s slightly confusing at first, and provides little instructions on how to make a zap. Look for the big orange button in the top right corner.

Once you click the “Make A Zap” button, it’s now time to start building out the automation flow. This is where it starts to get exciting!

Step 3: Setup When The Flow Will Run

The process to create this automation flow only takes 6 simple steps, we are halfway there! Now, it’s time for the home stretch.

The third step is to select the desired trigger app. This is where we can pull the data to create the start of our flow.

Make sure to click the “Schedule Trigger App”. It will bring you to the next screen that focuses on selecting a time for when you want your automation flow to run.

The goal is to have this automation flow run everyday so you can begin to free up memory inside your brain, and become more productive. Click the “Every Day” selection, and then click continue.

Select Everyday Schedule • Demo Image

The next screen allows you to focus on building out the time when you want the automation flow to run. This is entirely dependent on what time you like to wake up.

The next option is whether you want it to run on weekends. If you select “yes” then it will run everyday at the exact same time. You need to clone the Zap to have it run on weekends at a different time. The time I setup is 8am on weekdays, and don’t run on weekends.

Select Time Of Day + Run On Weekends • Demo Image

Once you selected the time then you should click the “continue” button that will lead you to the screen below.

This is where the data gets complied so we can call it to run the next stage of the application.

What Zapier is doing behind the scenes is creating JSON (Javascript Object Notation) data that will be pulled from the Zapier server. It’s not super complex, it’s more about organization and structure.

Test Successful • Demo Image

We need to begin to look at the data, and begin to understand what we want to pull in to continue the loop.

In programming, you should begin to think in cycles . Model everything on the world around you. I like to think of a software programs as a bicycle wheel. They spin so fast that they look like magic.

Schedule Test Data • Demo Image

The key component in this is pulling in the “day_of_week” object into our next step in the loop. We care about creating a loop everyday besides weekends, so we need to exclude certain numbers from our cycle.

“Live with courage, admiration, gratitude, love, and hope then an aura of light and love will soon build up around you.” Mass Automation Tools Designer • Elliot Mason Soren

Step 4: Call Your Weather App To Get Data

The next step after knowing when our app will run is to get the data from our weather app. This allows us to make informed decisions about what we should wear.

This is exactly like waking up and checking your phone except now a computer is doing it. Now, you can begin to see how your life will soon become automated and make you a happier, more productive person.

Add The Weather App • Demo Image

On the left side of the Zapier workflow creation tool, select this button to create the next stage of our loop. Our goal is to set the parameters for the weather app.

“You don’t need love, it comes from within you over time” Mass Automation Tools Designer • Elliot Mason Soren

Your ultimate goal should be to create multiple tasks that will tell you what do to everyday without having you think about it. Making these decisions causes suffering, and unnecessary stress. Don’t even think of it as a computer but imagine it’s your paid personal assistant!

Select The Weather App • Demo Image

This is the part of the process where it start to truly come to life. In this step, the goal is to identify where the weather app is pulling in the data. Search your local cities latitude and longitude so we can give the weather app an idea of where you are.

You don’t need to put your exactly location, an estimate will suffice. The more accurate your coordinates are, the more precise your app becomes. It’s truly up to you how you want to build it.

Latitude + Longitude Coordinates • Demo Image

After you fill in the blanks, click “Continue” and it will begin to pull the data from your parameters.

When making tutorials, I believe it’s fundamentally important to understand what’s going on behind the abstraction of a software program you’re using. Zapier isn’t doing anything that you can’t do yourself. It creates higher order javascript functions, and pulls in JSON data from APIs.

Weather Data • Demo Image

Here is an example of the weather data that’s pulled from our API. It’s not complicated, all it does is organize the world around us with code.

“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched — they must be felt with the heart.” Truly Remarkable Visionary • Hellen Keller

Step 5: Build The Conditional Logic

Even when you can’t see the physical world, you’re intuition will guide and carry you to places you cannot see. Having the faith to stay focused and believe will make all the difference.

This is similar to conditional logic, you want to build it in this mindset. The parameters shouldn’t be built around the tangible aspect of the world. Try to feel the world around you and build logic that mirrors nature.

Select Filter Parameter • Demo Image

The next step is to select the Filter app that will sort through data and then return a result depending if it matches your data. The world works similar to this, and when you take the physical world and apply it to programming magical things begin to happen.

The World Doesn’t Change, Carbon Atoms Just Become Refactored Over Time. Nothing Makes Me Happier Than An Ingenious Code Solution

This is the step that turns data into quantifiable logic that can be coded into an application. We want to create weather parameters for certain instance cases, and build experiences based on those.

In programming, this is referred to an If, Else statement. What this means is IF this happens, THEN I want the program to do this. It’s basically giving your software program commands to follow. We are going to build our own less complex version inside Zapier.

Select Time Of Day + Run On Weekends • Demo Image

The conditional statement is deciding if we should wear a hoodie or not today. The first statement is puling in the Precipitation Probability, and says if it’s Less Than 21 run the loop.

The second statement is saying if the Temperature outside is Less Than 76, run the loop. Both of these must be true in order for our Automation Flow or Loop to run.

Test Filter + Logic • Demo Image

We ran a test on our logic, and both of these conditions came back true. We are now able to send a text message to our phone describing what to wear for the day.

“The biggest risk is not taking any risk… In a world that changing really quickly, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risks.” • Mark E. Zuckerberg

Step 6: Setup The SMS Messaging

This is the last and final step required to build become a better version of your current self. It’s quick and simple to setup!

The first step is selecting a “to” number. Enter your number you want the text messages to be routed to. You will receive a verification code that will be entered to confirm you own that phone.

Behind the scenes, the sms texting is super simple. A company called Twilio creates APIs for companies that want to send SMS texts to their users. Uber, Lyft, Airbnb, and a variety of other companies use this same service. You’re building a tool that shares the same software as the best companies in the world. The world is a lot less complicated when you begin to understand it more. The layers of the onion begin to slowly peel and make you cry.

Confirm Your Phone Number • Demo Image

After you verified your phone, the next step is to create a message from the parameters that you set in the logic above.

The first step is to decide the “From Number”, which is the number that will text you everyday. I prefer to keep it random, and have a new number text me every day. That way if the number I selected is removed from Zapier, the fallback case will select a new unique number.

From Number + Text Message • Demo Image

The last step is to create a message depending on the parameters we set for ourselves. This is the step where you can begin to add your own personal touch. We can pull in data from our APIs and use it in the message if you want it to be customized to the weather outside. This is entirely up to you, and what makes it special.

Sample Text Message • Demo Image

Congratulations! You’re Now Artificially Intelligent.

A computer in the cloud is somewhere making decisions for you! It’s like having a twin who knows you well, and is actually apart of you. You made the parameters, so you put a little bit of yourself inside the program. It’s not just random logic that wasn’t designed by you, this was actually 100% what you like. You are now becoming part man and part machine.

We now have text messaging being sent to our phones. How cool is it to be able to send personalized texts directly to our self. You can repeat this process with everything you want to automate in your life. With each loop, you begin to become more artificially intelligent.

I feel myself becoming more of a machine with everyday that passes. Nature is now more intense with each passing moment. I begin to question what’s real, and if the master creator has been doing this all along without us knowing.

The Mind Altering Philosophical Aspect To This

The first stage is automating the basic parts of life like deciding what to wear, and what to eat. What comes after is coordinating ourselves with the nature rhythm of the world. Becoming one with the world.

If everyone in the world begins to run on the same computer, will world peace be reached? At what point do we become machines, or are we machines that are ran by someone else and we are taking back control. These are profound questions I ask myself everyday, and with each day that passes for light begins to shine in the tunnel I call life.

The world in the next 10 years will become unrecognizable from reality. If we as humans can program our own realities, does not mean some else has been programming our reality all along without us knowing?

How Can We Level Up And Continue To Build!

If you are excited about what you built today then there is no stopping you from becoming 100% artificially intelligent. The first step should be writing down all the decisions you make everyday.

The next step is to begin to think of ways similar to what I did to automate these decisions. The more dynamic the experience, the closer you are to becoming artificially intelligent.

“Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do.” World Class Soccer Player • Pele

If you’re feeling super adventurous then I highly recommend trying to build this in Node.JS. It require strong technical skills, but having complete control of your source code is infinite.

By building this in code, you are actually refactoring your personal source code in ways you cannot imagine.

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