Top 10 WordPress Wedding Themes (+ Tips to Build Your Wedding Website)

The question’s been popped and now the planning begins. Creating a wedding website to let guests know all the details surrounding the big day is becoming increasingly popular, with at least 14% of engaged couples choosing to go down this route.

Whether you’re in the market to create a website for yourself and your significant other, or you’re ready to design the perfect site for a friend or client, the best part is you don’t need years of design experience to build a high-quality wedding website. Scroll through the vast selection of themes on Themeforest and once you’ve chosen your favorite, you can easily customize it to craft a website that tells your unique story! 

A bride and groom enjoying a candid moment on their wedding day
Bride and groom on their wedding day:

Read on for our picks of some of the best WordPress wedding themes available, as well as some handy tips for building your perfect wedding website along the way.

First Thing First: Why Create a WordPress Wedding Website?

Save Money 

Depending on how many people you’re inviting, sending physical invites can be pricey–especially if you have overseas guests. Buying and editing a WordPress theme can be a cost-effective way to get your message out there without breaking the bank. 

Update as You go 

The average wedding takes 528 hours; or 22 full days, to plan–and with many couples opting for longer engagements, lots can change from “yes” to “I do”! Creating a website is simple and enables couples to quickly update guests as plans progress. 

Tell Your Story 

With a traditional paper wedding invite, you can only say so much. A WordPress wedding website takes your content up a gear by allowing guests to read the stories of your adventures together, as well as scroll through photography of the happy couple. 

Keep Content in One Place 

Creating a WordPress site allows guests to scroll through all the necessary information at one time–think information about the wedding party, gift lists, venue, accommodation, dress code, and more. Plus, there’s less risk in guests losing any of the important details along the way! 

Top Tips for Creating a WordPress Wedding Website 

Allow the Site to Reflect Your Personality

With so many WordPress themes to choose from, it’s never been easier to pick a theme to match the style of your wedding. Huge country wedding? You can select a theme that complements your venue in terms of color and tone. Small kitsch wedding? You can find your perfect match.

Provide a Simple User Experience 

Like any good website, you want it to be simple to use–especially if you are relying on the site to point guests to important information. Copywriting can help signpost key details, but you want to make sure the site points people in the right direction clearly and quickly. 

Use Password Protection for Private Content

Your website is the digital expression of your wedding. Just as you carefully consider which people make the cut, make sure you password protect the site so only your guests are privy to information about the special event. 

Include Local Activities and Tips

If guests are coming from afar, it’s likely they will want to explore the local area. It’s a nice touch to include a page with ideas about activities and events they can check out either before or after the nuptials. 

Top 10 WordPress Wedding Themes 

Now you’re armed with tips and ideas about selecting your wedding website, take a look at some of our favorite WordPress themes. 

top wordpress wedding themes on themeforest
WordPress wedding themes on Themeforest

Best for Low-Key Weddings

This beautiful template couldn’t be simpler to use. There’s even a timeline feature which can be easily updated to bring the couple’s relationship to life, i.e. where and when they first met, had their first kiss, and went on their first holiday, etc. 

It’s a real winner for absolute design beginners too, with many users rating the site five stars while outlining how simple it is to get to grips with. 

Lily  WordPress Wedding Theme
Lily – WordPress Wedding Theme

Best for Luxurious Weddings

This template has a high-end feel, partly due to the ability to apply multiple smooth transitions to scrolling imagery. You can easily add a countdown feature to build anticipation for the big day. 

Celebration - Wedding  Class Reunion
Celebration – Wedding & Class Reunion

Best for Vintage Weddings

This whimsical theme feels like it belongs to another age – it’s perfect for couples wanting their wedding day to hark back to simpler times. For the budding copywriters out there, there’s even the option to write blog posts to involve the guests in the wedding planning or share ideas for activities in the local area. 

Vintage Wedding WordPress Theme
Vintage Wedding WordPress Theme

Best for True Romantics 

Packed with floral illustrations and pink tones, this template will be difficult to resist for the real romantics out there. Couples often spend a large chunk of their wedding budget on flowers, so this is a great option for fans of pink roses! The flower-covered invites are particularly cute and memorable. 

Gretna Green - Wedding Theme
Gretna Green – Wedding Theme

Best for Photographers 

Photography is front and center in this striking template. There’s space for a large photo of the couple on the homepage, and then for a gallery as users scroll further down. It’s ideal for amateur or professional photographers who would like to tell the story of their relationship in a visual way. Plus, there’s a great catalogue feature to help guests pick the perfect gift. 

Vermund - Elegant Wedding WordPress Theme Best
Vermund – Elegant Wedding WordPress Theme Best

Best for Quirky Weddings

For couples wanting to stand out from the crowd, this fully-responsive theme boasts loads of unusual features including animated rose petals which delicately tumble over photography. 

Equipped with Mp3 Player and SoundCloud Player, couples can ensure guests are greeted with a special song as they find out about the plans for the upcoming day. Attendees can also easily upload their photography to the site after the wedding to ensure everything stays in one place. 

Idylle - Creative Wedding Theme
Idylle – Creative Wedding Theme

Best for Traditional Weddings

This template is packed with all the content you could possibly need for your big day – and it comes with six different options for homepage layouts so you can make sure all the important info is displayed in a way that best suits you. A blog option is available where you can tell the story of how your budding relationship bloomed into a marriage proposal. 

Always  Responsive WordPress Wedding Theme
Always – Responsive WordPress Wedding Theme

Best for Relaxed Weddings 

The first thing guests will notice is the fun animated font in the center of the homepage. The attention-grabbing text sets the tone for the rest of the light-hearted website, hinting to attendees that the wedding will follow suit. 

Wedding - All in One WordPress Theme
Wedding – All in One WordPress Theme

Best for Creative Weddings

This eye-catching template has something for everyone – with many different homepages to choose from, you can let your creative flair take over as you pick a template that works best for your big day. Bold imagery and subtle touches like movement when users scroll over pictures really make this template stand out. 

Moments  Wedding  Event Theme
Moments – Wedding & Event Theme

Best for Countryside Weddings

Like all quality WordPress wedding themes, Sweetinz can be easily adapted, but with green hues and illustrated leaves, it would work perfectly for a couple opting to say their vows in the countryside! It’s clean, responsive, and offers unlimited fonts and color options to help each couple display their personalities. 

Sweetinz - Creative OnePage Wedding WordPress Theme
Sweetinz – Creative OnePage Wedding WordPress Theme 

Find Your Perfect WordPress Theme 

And there you have it! Plenty of high-quality themes and useful tips to help you craft a WordPress wedding website to tell the story of your relationship and upcoming special day. 

Looking for a different theme? Search the wide range of wedding templates available on Themeforest and find your perfect match. 

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