How to Set Up a Quiz on Your WordPress Website

Today, we’re going to explore the WP Quiz plugin which allows you to set up quizzes on your WordPress site. We’ll go through the details of this plugin and we’ll end the post with a real-world example.

Setting up online quizzes is one of the best way to engage your visitors and it’s always fun for them as well! If you can present the quizzes in an interesting way and make them shareable, it might have potential to bring a lot of traffic to your site. With instant quiz results, users would love to take on multiple quizzes out of curiosity, and it’s an opportunity for you to strengthen your branding.

As a site owner or a seasoned WordPress developer, you already know that WordPress provides a lot of plugins for almost every feature one could think of, and it can be hard to choose which one to use. For the quiz category, I’ve chosen one of the best free plugins in this category—WP Quiz. It allows you to create different types of quizzes very easily. 

For this post, I’ve used WordPress 5.1 and the WP Quiz plugin version is 2.0.1. I would recommend that you install it if you want to follow along with this post. To install the WP Quiz plugin, you need to follow the standard plugin installation process in WordPress.

In the upcoming sections, we’ll explore the basic settings of the WP Quiz plugin along with the setup process. Next, we’ll build a real-world quiz example for the demonstration purposes. Meanwhile, we’ll also go through a few important aspects of this plugin that allow you to create different types of quizzes.

What Is the WP Quiz Plugin?

The WP Quiz plugin is a WordPress plugin which allows you to create quizzes on your site. It’s a very easy-to-use and flexible plugin which provides a various options to create a quiz. The plugin is set up to create three different types of quizzes: a trivia game, a personality test, or a flip quiz. 

With each quiz type, there’s an option to add text, image or video. Additionally, it comes with features like a restart quiz button, a quiz progress bar, and animation effects to keep users engaged.

Let’s have a quick look at the important features it provides:

  • responsive
  • compatible with any WordPress theme
  • text, image and video content
  • social sharing
  • animation effects
  • shortcode support
  • and more

As you can see, this plugin provides a lot of useful features that you could use to create quizzes on your WordPress site. With built-in responsive design, users can even take part in the quiz from their mobile devices. And social sharing makes it easy for quizes to reach a lot of users and increase traffic on your site.

In the next section, we’ll discuss a couple of the core elements of this plugin that are important to understand if you want to use it effectively.

Explore Plugin Settings

Once you install the WP Quiz plugin, it will add a number of admin links to the left sidebar. In this section, we’ll go through the each section briefly.


This takes you to a quiz listing page with all the quizzes created so far. 

Add New Quiz

This is a shortcut that allows you to create a new quiz straight away. You can choose to create one of three different types of quizzes: Trivia, Personality and Flip.

Trivia is a type of quiz in which users have to choose the the correct option for each question. In this type of quiz, users try to get as many correct answers as possible. At the end of the quiz, they will be shown their score, sometimes in the form of chart.

In the Personality quiz, you can ask questions that may reveal the personality of the user. In this type of quiz, there is no right or wrong answer, but each choice influences the answer the user receives at the end. For example, you could ask questions that may decide if the user is an introvert or extrovert.

Finally, there is the Flip quiz which is used to create educational content in the form of flip card quizzes. In fact, it’s one of the most interesting of all the quiz types we’ve discussed so far. In this type of quiz, users will be presented with the flip cards. On the front of the card, there’s a question or puzzle, and on the other side, there’s the answer. Users get a chance to guess the answer, then they click on the card to see if they were right!


In this section, you can configure settings that are globally applicable. You can configure different aspects of this plugin like subscription settings, quiz types, and Google Analytics settings.


This section allows you to export and import quizzes should you wish to move them between different sites. In fact, the plugin already provides three demo quizzes that you could import to your site for the demonstration purposes.

That was a brief introduction to the features provided by this plugin. In the next section, we’ll build a real-world example as a demo.

Build a Quiz for Your WordPress Site

In this section, we’ll build a real-world example to demonstrate how to use this plugin to create quizzes on your WordPress site. We’ll create a trivia quiz in this example since it’s the most popular quiz type. In our example, we’ll build a quiz with four questions related to WordPress. (Let me know in the discussion below if you have any questions about other quiz types, I’d be happy to answer any queries!)

Before we proceed, make sure that you’ve installed the WP Quiz plugin in your WordPress site if you want to follow along.

Go ahead and access the WP Quiz > Add New Quiz link in the left sidebar in the back-end. It will ask you to choose a quiz type:

Add New Quiz

Click on the Create Quiz button for the Trivia type and you’ll get taken to the Add New Quiz dialog, where you can set up the quiz title and its content.

Add New Quiz UI

Click on the Add Question button and you’ll get to the following screen to add question details.

Add a Question

If you want, you can upload an image or a video related to the question. Then, you have to enter the question text itself.

In the Answer Explanation field, you can enter the description which will be displayed when the user selects the correct answer. In the Question Hint field, you could optionally provide a hint about the answer!

Finally, you  add answers by clicking on the Add Answer button. You could present answers either in the form of images or text.

For our example, let’s start adding questions. Let’s add the details for the first question about WordPress: “What is WordPress?“.

First Question

In the same way, let’s add the remaining three questions:

  • Which Programming Language is Used by WordPress?
  • Which Database is Used by WordPress?
  • What is the Latest Major Version of WordPress?

Next, let’s add results text by clicking on the Add Result button as shown in the following screenshot.

Add Results

The Min field indicates that the result will be only displayed if a user gives the number of correct answers specified. In our case, user must at least give 3 correct answers out of 4.

Put whatever you want in here to congratulate the user on their knowledge of WordPress.

Finally, save the quiz and it will take you to the quiz listing page. You should be able to access the quiz using the Permalink already. Of course, you could also use the shortcode of the quiz if you want to display our quiz in the post or page.

In the front-end, the quiz looks like this.

Front-End View

And the result will look like this.

Display Results

So that’s how you can create quizzes using this plugin. Go ahead and try the other types of quizzes, and post me your feedback using the feed below!


Today, we discussed how to create quizzes by using the WP Quiz plugin for WordPress. We went through an in-depth overview of this plugin and implemented a real-world example for the demonstration purposes.

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