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Drawing a ball may sound like something very simple, yet if you try it, you may discover that there are certain rules that must be followed. You need to know them if you want to draw a perfect ball! 

In this tutorial, I will show you how to draw a soccer ball, a baseball, a football (the American one), a basketball, a volleyball, and a tennis ball. Just follow my steps to draw any ball you wish!

What You Will Need

Because there’s a lot of geometry going on in these drawings, you’ll need some precise tools:

  • ruler
  • compass
  • pencil
  • eraser (optional)
  • fineliner (optional)

1. How to Draw a Soccer Ball

A soccer ball looks deceptively simple to draw, but it really isn’t—it’s a truncated icosahedron, a solid with 12 pentagons and 20 hexagons. And all these pentagons and hexagons have to fit nicely next to each other, so you can’t just eyeball a hexagon and then stick the other shapes around—some geometrical tricks will be required!

Step 1

Use a ruler to draw the radius of the circle that will become the base of the ball. Sketch all these guide lines lightly if you want to remove them later.

radius of a circle

Step 2

Place your compass on one end of the line and draw a circle.

full circle

Step 3

Use the ruler to divide the circle into quarters.

circle with perpendicular diameters

Step 4

Place your compass on the edge of the circle, on the outer end of that first line. Draw an arc across the center of the circle and its sides.

find half of radius

Step 5

Use these markings to draw a vertical line crossing the radius in half.

half of radius marked

Step 6

Place your compass in the middle of that line and draw an arc across the bottom of the circle and the horizontal diameter.

golden proportion circle

Step 7

Place your compass on the bottom and draw an arc through that new point and the edge of the circle.

lower half of pentagon

Step 8

Place the compass on that new marking on the edge and draw an arc across the bottom.

how to draw a pentagon

Step 9

Use the ruler to draw horizontal lines through these two last points.

symmetrical pentagon

Step 10

Place the compass in the center of the circle and draw a big circle next to the edge, then a smaller one, and then the smallest one, at a bigger distance.

concetric circles

Step 11

Use the ruler to lead lines from the center towards the points we’ve placed earlier on the edge.

pentagon rays

Step 12

Connect the lines inside the smallest circle to draw a pentagon.

small petagon

Step 13

Use the ruler to draw lines parallel to each “ray” coming from the little pentagon.

big pentagon

We’ve made a pretty star by accident!

how to draw a star

Step 14

We’ve created two sections next around each “ray”. Cut each into half.

divide sections into halves

Step 15

Imagine points on the crossing of the lines and connect them to create more pentagons, this time in perspective.

draw pentagons in perspective

Step 16

Finally, take your fineliner (or simply press harder) to draw dark, final lines over the sketch. Outline the pentagons and hexagons in a slightly rounded way to make them look like thick, separate patches. Fill all the pentagons with black.

how to draw soccer ball
draw soccer ball step by step

2. How to Draw a Baseball

Step 1

Draw a circle with two perpendicular diameters, as explained in the previous section.

circle with diameters

Step 2

Draw two symmetrical arcs on the top and bottom.

symmetrical arches on circle

Step 3

Draw a similar arc above/below.

copy the arch

Step 4

Draw another arc on the opposite side, this time at a slightly bigger distance.

copy arch asymetrically

Step 5

This is where the parts of the ball’s surface connect. Draw a rounded “cutting” between these parts.

draw indentation of baseball

Step 6

Draw holes along the higher arc. Make them smaller and denser close to the edge.

draw holes in baseball

Step 7

Draw little arcs across the band. Imagine they envelop a little “hump”.

draw stitches

Step 8

Draw them on the other side, too, remembering about the perspective.

stitches on baseball

Step 9

Draw similar arcs below, on one side of each of the previous ones.

baseball sketch

Step 10

Add holes to them, too.

holes of baseball stitches

Step 11

Thicken the thread.

draw threads
how to draw thick thread

Step 12

Draw little arcs between the separate parts of the surface to show how thick they are and how tightly they are bound.

define the border of stitching

Step 13

Finally, darken the lines you want to keep and erase the guide lines.

how to draw baseball
how to draw a baseball step bystep

3. How to Draw a Basketball

Step 1

Draw a circle with perpendicular diameters as described in the previous sections.

circle with diameters marked

Step 2

Draw a narrow ellipse around the horizontal diameter.

draw narrow ellipse

Step 3

Draw a rounded curve from the bottom…

draw curve from bottom

… and a slightly less round curve to the top.

draw curve towards the top

Step 4

Do a similar thing on the sides, this time going around the ball instead of going towards the top.

draw curves around ball
draw curves aroud top of the ball

Step 5

Outline each curve to create a thick band.

thicken the band
draw basketball bands

Step 6

Draw a “dent” on each band.

draw dents of the bands

Step 7

Outline the final lines with something darker and erase the guide lines.

draw basketball
how to draw basketball step by step

4. How to Draw a Football

Step 1

Draw a circle with two perpendicular diameters as in the previous sections.

circle with diameters crossing

Step 2

Divide the upper vertical radius into thirds.

divide radius into thirds

Step 3

Take the compass and measure one of the thirds. Use this length to draw a circle on each side.

draw circles on side

Step 4

Outline all the circles with gentle curves, creating the basic shape of the football.

outline football shape

Step 5

Draw similar curves inside the outline, on the top and bottom. Keep them asymmetrical!

draw curves around football

Step 6

Draw two thick bands on the sides, bending to the perspective.

draw bands on football

Step 7

Draw a band along the upper curve.

draw small band along football

Step 8

Cut a section of this band, around one third from the end.

cut a section of a band

Step 9

Draw a wider band around it.

draw a wide bad on football

Step 10

Draw eight slight curves across the band, within the section we’ve cut earlier.

draw sketch of lace

Step 11

Draw hole on each end of the curves.

draw holes for lace

Step 12

Draw the lace between the holes.

draw lace o football

Step 13

Outline the shape of the stitches around the laces.

steitches on football

Step 14

Draw the final, dark lines and erase the guide lines.

draw a football
how to draw football step by step

5. How to Draw a Volleyball

Step 1

Draw a circle with a horizontal diameter as described earlier.

draw circle with horizontal diameter

Step 2

Place your compass on the outer end of the diameter and draw an arc across the center of the circle.

find middle of radius with compass

Step 3

Draw a vertical line through these markings.

select middle of radius

Step 4

Connect both ends of this line with the center. Now we have three radiuses that divide the circle into thirds.

how to divide circle into thirds

Step 5

Draw a curve over each radius.

draw three curves

Step 6

“Copy” the rhythm of each curve towards the edge of the circle.

draw curves of volleyball
how to sketch volleyball

Step 7

“Close” each of the bands next to the original curves with a slight curve.

finish volleyball

Step 8

Outline the shape of the ball, creating indentations between the bands.

outline volleyball

Step 9

Finish the drawing by darkening the final lines and removing the guide lines.

draw a volleyball
how to draw a volleyball

6. How to Draw a Tennis Ball

Step 1

Draw a circle with perpendicular diameters as explained earlier.

circle with perpendicualr diameters drawing

Step 2

Draw a thick teardrop shape inside this circle.

teardrop shape

Step 3

Draw a curve towards the edge of the circle, starting from the point where the teardrop crosses the horizontal diameter.

draw curves to the side

Step 4

Draw a curve on each side of this curve to create a band.

thicken the band
finish the band

Step 5

Indent the surface a little around these bands.

draw indentation on the surface

Step 6

Finish the ball by darkening the lines and removing the guide lines. Don’t forget to add the characteristic fuzz!

draw a tennis ball
how to draw a tenis ball step by step

Good Job!

Now you know how to draw a ball step by step. If you want to try other simple tutorials based on geometry, we’ve got you covered:

how to draw a ball step by step

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