August 2021
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With such an abundance of free Photoshop tutorials online many UI designers tend to ignore the benefits of Adobe Illustrator. Vector workflow is one of the best methods for creating full-scale website mockups, icons, mobile apps, and really anything related to interface design.

Each of the following tutorials focuses directly on interface design from the perspective of vector shapes. With practice and repetition you’ll be able to master Adobe Illustrator and outperform yourself in just a few months’ time. Check out these examples and see which ones catch your attention. Remember that progress occurs over time so you’ll always want to push yourself into new areas whenever possible.

Weather App Design for iOS

ios iphone app weather illustrator tutorial

Flat iOS7 Tab Bar

flat ios7 tabbar icons

Winter-Themed Navigation Menu

illustrator tutorial winter snow effect

Vector Signup

vector signup menu form

Coding Vector Screen

illustrator vector coded screen design

School-Themed Vectors

school theme vector pack icons

Instagram Widget

instagram widget design howto

Geometric Shape UI

objects shapes geometric howto

Vector Switches

howto tutorial illustrator vector switches

Clean Vector Layout

clean website layout vector tutorial

Flat Mail App UI

ios7 flat mail app interface howto

Dark Downloader Interface

dark mobile app downloader interface ui

Step-By-Step Progress

progress step design ui

Dark Mobile Player

dark iphone mobile player ui

Audio Bar Player

audio bar player interface illustrator

Glowing Progress Bars

howto glowing progress vectors

iOS Map Indicators

ios flashing map indicator graphics

Bubble Gum Buttons

bubble gum buttons illustrator ui

Sketch Login Vector

sketch ui tutorial login form

Media Player Bar

howto design idraw vector media player

Plastic ID Badge

plastic vector id badge design

OS X Application UI

osx ui application design

Web App UI Kit‏

web app ui kit photoshop tutorial

404 Error Page

404 error page illustrator vector

Vector Infographics

vector infographic connector coreldraw

Green Vector Badge

badge design vector green howto

Banner Labels

banner badges labels vector illustrator

Interface Sliders

website ui interface sliders

UI Toggle Switch

ui toggle switch illustrator graphics

Knob Rotator

knob rotator illustrator vector design

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