20 PHP Login and Registration Forms to Download

By downloading a PHP login and registration script, you can add a registration form to your website that will be secure and look good.

SimpleAuth  Very Simple Secure Login System
SimpleAuth is one of the many high-quality PHP login forms available on CodeCanyon.

Login and registration forms are an integral part of any website. Whether you want to restrict access to certain pages, require users to have an account to use various features, or have a user management system, a login and registration script will be necessary.

These forms and scripts help you ensure only registered users or users who have the login credentials will gain access to your website’s content. Save time on creating a login form from scratch by downloading a low-cost PHP login and registration form script from CodeCanyon.

The Best PHP Login Forms on CodeCanyon

Discover some of the best PHP scripts ever created on Envato Market’s CodeCanyon. With a cheap one-time payment, you can purchase one of these high-quality PHP scripts and add additional functionality to your website quickly and easily. 

Here are a few of the best PHP login forms available on CodeCanyon for 2020.

Best-Selling PHP Login Forms available on CodeCanyon
Best-Selling PHP Login Forms available on CodeCanyon

These complete PHP login forms will help you create a secure environment for your website users and allow you to pick and choose what content is shown to logged-in users. In addition, many of the PHP login and registration scripts come with a user management system that will allow you to take control of your user base. 

With the premium PHP login forms offered on CodeCanyon, you will be able to:

  • enable social logins
  • implement the scripts with one line of code
  • send account activation and recovery emails
  • require reCaptcha validation

Make your way on over to CodeCanyon and find the right PHP login form for your website!

Top 15 PHP Login and Registration Scripts (From CodeCanyon for 2020)

To help you with your search for the perfect PHP login and registration form for your website, I’ve collected 15 of the best-selling PHP login scripts available on CodeCanyon: 

1. AJAX User Registration and Login

AJAX User Registration and Login

First up on our list is AJAX User Registration and Login. Every request is made through AJAX, and it lets your users create accounts and log in to your site with this script. Each time a user starts a new browsing session and logs in to the site, the cookie’s authorization number and token are updated, making it much safer. 

Here are a few features of this PHP script:

  • remember me function
  • PHP form validation 
  • jQuery form validation
  • encrypted and salted passwords when creating users
  • login and registration form in PHP using sessions

2. Cpanel Email Signup and Login

Cpanel Email Signup and Login

This PHP login form allows your users to register an email for themselves without having to access the cPanel. When a user signs up on your website, their information will automatically be saved to your database. 

Here are a few notable features of this PHP script:

  • CAPTCHA Verification
  • real-time password strength checker
  • password retrieval
  • jQuery live validation and PHP AJAX form validation 

View the live preview of the Cpanel Email Signup and Login to see if it is right for you. 

3. Account System Multi-Feature

Account System Multi-Feature

HazzardWeb gives you the power to implement a complete user management script. The script features standard login and registration functions as well as Google, Twitter, and Facebook logins. To ensure that no other programs try to access your user database, a Captcha is mandatory on the login form for all users.

Here are a few notable features of this script:

  • login and signup
  • activation and recover email 
  • customizable PHP account class
  • admin panel for user management

View the video preview of this account management system to see it in action. 

4. PHP Form Builder

Another good option for a PHP login form is using a PHP Form Builder.

You build out not only your login form, but many other forms as well.

PHP Form Builder

You can build:

  • order forms
  • signup forms
  • contact forms
  • and anything else you may need

It also includes 50 easy-to-use pre-built templates as well as:

  • accordion, modal, and Ajax forms
  • a highly customizable layout
  • jQuery plugin integration
  • Bootstrap CSS
  • and more

The PHP Form Builder is an excellent addition to your developer toolbox.

5. PHP OAuth Social Login & Register Script

PHP OAuth Social Login  Register Script

Today’s website users are accustomed to having a fast login and registration process that doesn’t require them to type in email addresses, usernames, and passwords. PHP OAuth Social Login & Register Script offers a quick and easy way for your website users to log in and register for your site using their social media accounts. 

Here are a few of the most popular social media platforms that your users can log in with:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google
  • LinkedIn 
  • GitHub

Add this social media login form to your website today!

6. Easy Password Protection

Easy Password Protection

Easy Password Protection is your go-to script to implement a password entry form on your website for all visitors. The script is easy to implement and requires no database. By inserting just one line of code, you get this script up and running. The password protection will run seamlessly on your platform and comes with eight ready-to-use skins. View the live preview of Easy Password Protection now!

7. EasyLogin Pro—User Membership System

EasyLogin Pro—User Membership System is a real gem.

It offers more than just a simple PHP login form. It includes:

  • social authentication
  • advance user fields
  • private messages
  • full authentication
  • and more
EasyLogin - User Membership System

It’s not just on the UX side, either. You’ll also get:

  • quick start and in-depth documentation
  • user roles and permissions
  • a powerful API
  • solid security
  • and more

You’d be hard pressed to find anything better than EasyLogin Pro – User Membership System.

8. Advanced PHP Login

Advanced PHP Login

This Laravel PHP framework allows website owners to add and enable user management and authentication to their website. Advanced PHP Login was built with the latest security standards and is ready to protect your website now. While this is written for Laravel, it can be used in any PHP-powered website of your choice. Add authentication, authorization, and complete user management to your website today!

9. Simple PHP Login System

Simple PHP Login System

You can implement this simple MySQL-based PHP login system script into any current or new website to give website owners control over which website pages or content are restricted. By implementing the login system, you present users with a form to log in to view your website’s restricted content. To help you with the installation of the login system, the developer included a MySQL database that’s easy to set up.

10. PHP Password Protector

Protect your PHP pages and only allow them to be viewed by logged-in users with the PHP Password Protector.

php Password Protector - PHP Login System

This is both a multi-user and multi-level solution. Simply include the script on any and all pages you want protected, and PHP Password Protector will take care of the rest.

Features include:

  • protection against brute-force attacks
  • personalize error messages
  • “remember me” option
  • no database required
  • and more

PHP Password Protector can be used for simple logins or a full membership solution.

11. Elmas PHP Login and User Management

Elmas PHP Login and User Management

With Elmas, you can easily manage user access and build a complete user management system. The management system has a modern-looking design and allows you to view detailed stats on your user base. 

Here are a few notable features of this PHP script:

  • built with Laravel 6 and Bootstrap 4
  • include users, roles, and permission
  • social authentication with Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, GitHub, or Bitbucket
  • two-factor authentication
  • ban or activate user accounts

Improve your website login system with Elmas PHP Login and User Management.

12. Knap—Advanced PHP Login and User Management

Knap - Advanced PHP Login and User Management

Knap is an advanced user management and login software solution that allows the admin to manage users to implement login forms and much more. With a quick and easy four-step installation process, you can add a complete user management system that includes a messaging system, custom user fields, email templates, and social logins. View the live preview of this PHP script to see how it can help improve your website.

13. SimpleAuth: Very Simple Secure Login System

SimpleAuth is both simple and secure.

Without any PHP knowledge, you can secure any of your web pages, while giving access to those who are logged in.

SimpleAuth  Very Simple Secure Login System

Features include:

  • auto-detection of common install errors
  • option to store additional user data
  • single or multi-user system
  • no database required
  • and more

Take a look at SimpleAuth: Very Simple Secure Login System if you’re looking for a simple and secure solution.

14. Php Password Protect Pro

Php Password Protect Pro

This PHP written script will help you protect any web page on your website by implementing only a single line of code. By adding a login form that requires a username and password, you are free to pick and choose the specific page or pages that you need hidden. Add this PHP script to your website within minutes and protect your website. 

15. Secure PHP Login & Registration System

Built on Bootstrap, the Secure PHP Login & Registration System provides a simple multi-user registration and login solution.

Secure-PHP-Login  Registration System

Some of the features include:

  • jQuery validation and secure password encryption
  • Facebook, Twitter, and Google social login
  • back-end admin for user management
  • MySQL support
  • and more

With its clean design and simple feature set, Secure PHP Login & Registration System is a great multi-user login management tool.

Now that we’ve gone over the best premium PHP login forms available, let’s go over the top free ones available from across the web.

5 Free PHP Login and Registration Scripts for Download in 2020

The premium plugins available on CodeCanyon will give you the greatest level of control and flexibility over the login form. If you are on a tight budget, however, you might not be able to afford these premium PHP login forms. 

To help you out if you don’t have the funds to pay for a premium PHP login form script, I have collected five of the best free login forms that you can download right now!

1. Simple PHP User Login Script

Simple PHP User Login Script

The Simple PHP User Login Script allows you to protect the content of your website. The simple script will add a login screen that blocks access to any pages on your website. The login form contains inputs for email and password. 

2. Simple Text File Login Script

This is a basic authentication script that is to be used on smaller websites without an SQL database. From a simple text file, the script will store users and passwords. You can also style the form easily and add header and footers to the form page. 

3. Password Protect Content

Password Protect Content

With this free PHP script, you can protect any text, images, or multimedia directly on your web page. This login form only contains an input field for a password, which makes it ideal to block off certain sections on your webpages.

4. Custom PHP Login and Registration 

Custom PHP Login and Registration

This free PHP script provides your website users with a login and registration process. The login form also has the option for you to log in with an access token. The script features a clean and easy-to-use interface. 

5. PHP User Login System

Last on our list of free PHP login forms is a simple and easy-to-implement login form that allows users to input their email and password to access your site’s content. The script also includes forgotten password and change password functions. 

Now that we have gone over the best premium and free PHP login forms, let’s take a look at all the other high-quality PHP scripts available on CodeCanyon. 

Explore More Great PHP Scripts for 2020

The PHP login forms detailed in this article are sure to give your website a complete login system that you can rely on. However, these PHP login forms are only a small assortment of all the valuable PHP scripts available on CodeCanyon

The low-cost PHP scripts accessible on CodeCanyon will help you create a completely custom website that suits your particular business or purpose. All the PHP scripts available are created by professional developers and can be relied on for building a website that your users will love.

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