How To Design Websites, Hotjar Makes It Super Easy To Understand What Visitors Really Want

First, let’s understand Hotjar in simple words, This is an easy way to improve your site user interaction and conversion rates by using Heatmaps, Visitor Recordings, Funnel and Form Analysis, Polls and Surveys, all from one easy to manage single interface. As you normally find people avoiding to share their opinion and experience with your site, it gives you the different tool to understand them without asking them to fill out a form or anything.

This is a real fact that if you are able to read the mind of your website visitors, then you might be easily able to entertain them as how they want you to make a website for them. All the given features are not new but collecting them in one place in friendly-manner is a new idea by Hotjar, which made the webmaster’s lives easier than ever.


Where visitors are clicking, taping on the website and/or how they are scrolling is a most demanding desire of any webmaster. To provide these facts in an easy to understand way that webmaster can use to enhance the user experience or clicking behavior of the visitors on the website, Hotjar will give amazing features to find data of clicking heatmaps, moving heatmaps, scrolling heatmaps, even downloading and sharing of the heatmaps with others. There are 8 quick tests provided by Hotjar team that will give some simple and actionable ways to improve the site pages. Below, we are adding heatmap of to share with you ???? to see how Hotjar looks in action.

Visitor Recordings

This is something which we even could not imagine before. We will be able to see how your guests (visitors of your website) are experiencing while visiting the website. This feature will record visitor’s whole active presence in the form of video for the webmaster’s review and analysis that how visitors are moving around while browsing the website.

Conversion Funnels

A big question, “From where and why visitors are leaving the site?“. The Hotjar’s conversion funnel feature will work like a gate keeper who keeps an eye on the skipping guests to provide an opportunity to analyze the drop-backs possibilities on the website.

Form Analysis

Forms are the vital part of any website, but to achieve the highest submission rate of any form in the website is a dream that comes true. Hotjar is there to help you on this, their form analysis feature will be a great member of the team that will give you an opportunity to visualize the forms and fields engagement, identify problematic fields and view drop-offs and submission statistics.

Feedback, Polls & Surveys

Without feedback nothing can be improved, without polls nothing can be evaluated and without surveys nothing can be listened. Hotjar can connect all the dots with one powerful solution, we can initiate any of these three types of incoming medium of communication with the visitors to collect their feedback, to submit their opinion, to receive their ideas or to find-out their experience with our website.

Let’s Try Hotjar for Free

Let me tell you that how easy it is to get start with Hotjar. They have a super simple registration form, from where you can start using the Hotjar within a minute. By default, they are providing Hotjar BUSINESS plan free for 15 days that are good enough to explore some amazing facts about user interaction and visitors behavior on any website. Then, if for any reason you are not interested to go further, you may downgrade to Basic plan that is free forever. Whatever your experience is with Hotjar, you are welcome to share it with us!

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