Earn Your CCNA Cyber Ops With Cisco 210-250 SECFND Before It’s Too Late!

In case you haven’t heard of the changes within the Cisco certification program, now is the perfect time to read about the recent updates. For the past years, many IT certification providers are shuffling their certification tracks to continue being relevant in the changing industry with new technologies. Some certifications paths are slightly tweaked while some are completely replaced. 

And Cisco is part of the top IT organizations who have revamped their certifications to provide sets of skills in line with the modern advancements. One of the many alterations within the Cisco training and certification is CCNA Cyber Ops. By February 24, 2020, one out of the two required exams will be retired and that its 210-250 SECFND or Implementing Cisco Cyber Ops Devices.

So, let’s have a thorough probe of this noteworthy yet soon-to-be deleted Cisco certification exam. 

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Learning UC solutions with 210-250 SECFND 

UC solutions or Unified Communications solutions are the key areas discussed in the exam. This is where you will gain valuable insights about administrator interfaces, provision end-users, mobility features, and telephony. As a guide, these are the list of topics included in the exam that you need to fully understand by heart. 

Unfolding the features of Cisco Unified Communication solutions

UC solutions are the main component of this exam; hence nothing is fitting than to start understanding this topic before anything else. Learn all the core components and related functions such as describing media flows, call signaling, and VoIP network quality implications.

Setting up end-users together with its associated devices

The second crucial subject is the end-user interface. These include responsibilities for both UC Manager and UC Manager Express such as labeling user creation options and creating and altering user accounts and endpoints. This topic also allows you to pick up knowledge related to privileges functions and features, directory numbers, Cisco Unified IM, and such. 

Organizing Voice Messaging and Presence

Next on the list of topics is how well you configure a Cisco UC system. This area holds the biggest exam percentage that is why you certainly need to give extra time to understand its subtopics. These are efficiently describing user creation options used for voice message; generating and modifying user accounts to be utilized for Cisco Unity Connection, and describing and configuring Unified IM and Presence. 

Sustaining Cisco Unified Communications system

The fourth significant topic you need to comprehend is everything surrounding Cisco UC system. There are lots of things to know such as CDR, CMR, capacity, and usage reports. You must learn how to generate these reports to ensure smooth sailing transactions. Furthermore, you must acquire remarkable skills in observing system activities and voicemail usage; eliminating unassigned directory numbers; and carrying out manual system backup. 

Deliver end-user support 

Since end-users are some of the essential features of the exam, this exam ends with how you successfully provide support to the specific group. For you to fully cover all the topics, you should obtain proficiency in authenticating PSTN connectivity as well as resetting single devices and troubleshooting endpoint problems. Defining and describing fault domains, voice mail problems, call quality issues, and phone application are also part of the skills you need to master. 

Fueling up your exam preparation

Now that you have a deeper idea of the exam through the comprehensive list of topics above, you can now easily prepare for the exam. But before that, you should know that Cisco 210-250 is a 75-minute exam with 55 to 65 questions. This means you have a minute or two to answer each question. 

With time constraint surrounding your exam, it’s best to make use of different prep materials so you won’t have a hard time during the real exam. First in line is the classroom training provided by Cisco for exam 210-250. This 5-day instructor-led class focuses on the main topics of Cisco Unified Communications solutions. You have two delivery options for this training session, either a physical classroom or virtual classroom. Plus, this course comes with Discovery labs and Challenge labs, wherein you get to learn the topics through interactive and hands-on discussions as well as comprehensive and multiple lessons. 

If you think 5 days is not enough, then you have other resources to choose from. Cisco, through its E-learning and Platinum Learning Library, provides a comprehensive selection of self-paced courses and reference materials. Not only that, they have their very own lab environments for 210-250, which further nurture your knowledge and skills about UC solutions. 

And before you cap off your preparation journey, be sure to spend quality time with the ever-remarkable exam prep website, ExamSnap.com. Being in the industry for so long, helping exam takers study for their exam, this online reference offers a reliable study materials bundle for 210-250. And this bundle already covers practice tests and a training course! This is such a great option for those who want to smoothly study for the exam. 

Preparing for the next stage

For the successful passers of 210-250 SECFND, they can move to the next phase of the certification journey, which is 210-065 CIVND. And once you complete this too, then the CCNA Cyber Ops certification is waving at you!

Earning the CCNA Cyber Ops certification

CCNA Cyber Ops is definitely an outstanding Cisco credential for various IT professionals, including network video engineers and IP/ IP telephony network engineers. This amazing certification delivers you the most polished skills in developing and upgrading their Cyber Ops with voice, video, mobile apps, and data. 


The clock is ticking and you only have a couple of months before 210-250 SECFND fades into dust. So, before Cisco releases the new, fused CCNA exam, set your goal and pass this certification exam like a pro. For that put your efforts for your preparation, visit Cisco official website and check ExamSnap website as well. Wish you success! 

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