11 Online Tools For Magazine and Presentation Design

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desktop version for Windows and Mac. The software allows greater customization like adding links, text, multimedia, animations, and even a shopping cart that allows the selling and buying of digital publications.

HaikuDeck is a simplified presentation design platform that sticks to the old saying that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. This design platform has a library of ready templates and an amateur-friendly design user interface that makes the tool ideal for students, as well as businesses and educators. Among other options, users can change colors, fill in their own text and choose different page templates to display their ideas.

Projeqt is an innovative design tool for building interactive online presentations. The digital design platform of Projeqt allows users to build layered presentations which offer a new perspective over storytelling in the digital design world. Projeqt supports the integration of a wide variety of multimedia, including social media feeds, blog publications, streams, audio notes, interactive maps, and more.

ReadyMag is a modern design platform for creating a wide variety of web publications, including online presentations, photo albums, and digital magazines. The Google Analytics integration allows easy traffic and statistics tracking for marketers and businesses. The ReadyMag platform has a large library of design templates and boosts to provide a no-code design experience.

Emaze is a digital presentation design tool with a user-friendly UI and multiple templates. The platform offers a cloud-based design experience, easy customization of ready PowerPoint presentations and a library of pre-made 2D and 3D presentation scenes to help you make an impression.

This HTML book maker software is the SnackTools’ online platform for presentation design. The tool has a simple UI and is integrated with the other platforms from the SnackTools library which offer plenty of design options, including photos, podcasts, videos, and quizzes.

The team at Genialy describes its platform as an interactive content builder with a unique twist of multimedia integration and special effects. The tool is made for designing presentations, as well as microsites, infographics, catalogs, and others. What makes it different from other tools in this genre is the option for adding interactive effects and animations.

We’ve already talked about DesignBold on multiple occasions and why it’s one of the online design tools to keep an eye on in 2017. It’s easy to use, packed with plenty of features and premade elements, and offers one of the best template libraries out there.

As one of the most popular digital presentation design tools out there, Prezi has probably crossed your path on many occasions. It offers a simplified presentation design experience that helps users build interactive presentations that make an impression. It’s widely used by businesses and online marketing specialists for its amazing UI and design options.

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