UX at Google, designing friction, interface as a story, and more UX this week

The state of UX in 2018

The death and rebirth of UX →

As designers, we have always fought to be involved in strategic decisions early on. Now that we have a seat at the table, what are we going to do about it?

Designing for the age of immediacy →

Real-time social media experiences are changing people’s expectations around how long it should take for products and services to deliver on their needs. How does that affect your product?

Lack of diversity affecting business →

The global debate on cultural acceptance, diversity and inclusion that took over the media in 2017 has raised the topic inside design firms as well. And a few of them have started to act.

Every interface is a story →

Storytelling and writing have never been so present in the design world. As customer journeys become more fragmented, it is our job to ensure brands are telling a coherent story across channels — and that those stories are clear, interesting, and human.

Redesigning the design process →

Designers are increasingly encouraged by companies to design not only the product, but their process and the work environment around them. How can you leverage that to your advantage?

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