The best Slack groups for UX designers

Tons of companies are using Slack to organize and facilitate how their employees communicate on a daily basis. Slack has now more than 5 million daily active users and more than 60,000 teams around the world.

But whether the company you work for use Slack or not, you can still use the tool to connect and stay in touch with other professionals like you. The design and tech communities have been creating a series of groups to chat about references, events, books, links, case studies and best practices in our field. The best part: anyone can join and participate in the discussions.

Here are some of my favorites Slack groups:

UX Design Community

UI/UX designers from all over the globe

Animation at Work

Conversations on web and UI animation

Designer Hangout

Designers and researchers from around the world discussing user experience

Team Sketch

A community for Sketch designers

Digital Nomads

For digital nomads working on startups

Side Project group

A place to share side project ideas and find other people to join


A curated community where photographers can share and meet great people who also enjoy photography

Product Managers group

All the things relevant to product management


A community for creative developers to share knowledge

iOS Developers group

A Slack community for iOS developers to share experiences and learn


Slack group with ReactJS news

Google Cloud Platform Community

Group about application hosting on Google’s infrastructure


Official Slack group for the Bootstrap framework

Women in Technology

A safe, confidential space for women who work in technology


Artists, journalists, educators, tinkerers, bot enthusiasts and seasoned developers who love to make bots

Bot Developer Hangout

Developers of Slack bots on Slack

AI Researchers

Artificial Intelligence group on Slack

Reddit Entrepreneur

Slack group of people from sub-reddit /Entrepreneur

Indie Game Developers

Group with independent game developers


A community for gamers to chat and play video games…and cat GIFs

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