Jam Icons – 422 Handcrafted & Pixel Perfect Icons

Jam icons is a set of icons designed for web projects, illustrations, print projects, etc. comes with both font & svg versions.

The icons have been made in a 64×64 grid with a 4 pixels stroke basis, all in a consistent way and tested at 18×18, 24×24, 32×32.You can use Jam icons in two ways: as a font, with its css stylesheet or as independent SVGs files for all your projects: web, app, print etc.

[gpp_button color=”blue” url=”http://jam-icons.com/” title=”free icons” icon_left=”cloud-download” target=”_blank” size=”medium” display=”inline”]Jam-Icons[/gpp_button]

[gpp_button color=”black” url=”http://designbeep.com/category/freebies/icons-freebies/” title=”free icons” icon_left=”external” target=”_blank” size=”medium” display=”inline”]View All Free Icons[/gpp_button]

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