Prototyping for Apple Vision Pro, baseline alignment in Figma, spatial computing

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Google Glass emerged as a highly anticipated innovation with the potential to revolutionize our daily lives. Its sleek design, hands-free interface, and augmented reality (AR) capabilities promised a futuristic experience.

However, despite its initial hype and grand vision, Google Glass ultimately failed to capture the consumer market and find widespread adoption. Google Glass failed for several reasons: no clear purpose of use, safety concerns, no existing market, price, and more.

Can Apple’s Vision Pro succeed where Google Glass failed?
By Camryn Manker

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The design details of Apple’s Vision Pro goggles →

Make me think

  • Vision Pro: quick notes following Apple’s announcement
    “The hardware seems faintly unbelievable. But that kind of vertical integration is classic Apple. I’m mainly interested in the user interface and the computing paradigm. What does Apple imagine we’ll be doing with these devices, and how will we do it?”
  • AI threats: can The Matrix and other sci-fi films teach us anything?
    “When trying to make sense of it in an interview on British television with one of the researchers who warned of an existential threat, the presenter said: ‘As somebody who has no experience of this… I think of the Terminator, I think of Skynet, I think of films that I’ve seen’.”
  • You can’t reach the brain through the ears
    “Why is this so hard? Why must every generation of humans spend their entire lives learning what the last generation already knew? Why can’t we reach the brain through the ears?”

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Spatial computing: the evolution of UI and the future of interactions
By Costas Michalia

A video every interaction designer should watch
By julia ku

The end of brands as we know them
By Rei Inamoto

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