Why Use WordPress?

In this quick tip I’ll tell you why it’s worth using WordPress to create your website. We’ll look at a number of convincing points WordPress has in its favor—let’s dive in!

Why Use WordPress?

What is WordPress?

We’ll begin by answering a simple question: what is WordPress? WordPress is a CMS (a Content Management System) and it originally started life in 2003 as a blogging platform. Since then it’s grown into a platform capable of running almost any kind of website.

There are two essential ways of working with WordPress:

  • Self-hosting, by downloading the required files from wordpress.org and setting it up yourself
  • Using a hosted plan on wordpress.com

It’s also possible that your chosen web host will have an automated WordPress setup, meaning you needn’t bother downloading the core files yourself. Check out these resources for more information on setting WordPress up:

Why Use WordPress for My Website?

Here are some reasons I think should convince you to use WordPress:

  • It’s free! Hosting will almost always cost something, but the software itself is completely free.
  • It has a huge community. Users and developers all over the world will help you whenever you have a question or need a specific WordPress resource. Check out the WordPress support forums.
  • It’s infinitely customizable. There’s a huge number of themes and plugins for WordPress, thanks to the enormous number of developers out there. You can also customize all aspects of WordPress yourself, once you learn how!
  • It’s SEO friendly. Optimizing your website for search engines is an ongoing process, but WordPress gives you a perfectly optimized base to work from. WordPress alerts Google each time you make an update, it’s very fast (something search engines love), and it allows you to change all kinds of meta data on pages and posts. 
  • It’s secure. Security online has never been more important. Check out our WordPress Secure Setup Guide to learn more about steps you can take to make sure your WordPress website is safe.
  • It’s user friendly. The front end of your website and its user-friendliness is largely down to you and your chosen theme. But the WordPress backend, plus the most essential of WordPress plugins (like WooCommerce) are inherently very user-friendly, for you and your visitors.
  • You don’t need coding skills to use it! WordPress works out of the box and doesn’t require you to code a single thing if you don’t want to.

Premium WordPress Themes and Plugins 

For an example of the point on customization, explore the thousands of WordPress themes on ThemeForest and WordPress plugins on CodeCanyon. Purchase these high-quality WordPress themes and plugins and improve the website experience for you and your visitors. 

WordPress plugins on CodeCanyon

A Beginner’s Guide to Using WordPress

If you’re still asking yourself “why should I use WordPress?” and you’ve never used it before, take a look at my free beginner’s guide for users.


In it you’ll learn how to install WordPress, add new content, customize WordPress themes, use WordPress plugins, and manage existing blogs or websites.

I hope that answers your question–good luck!

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