Reverse Your Layers in Photoshop

It’s not a super common occurrence, but there are certainly times when you have the need to reverse the order that your layers appear in. Whether it’s all of them, or just a select few. Reversed layers usually occur after duplications, but sometimes it can occur simply by misarrangement. Here’s a trick to fix this!

The Problem

In many cases, if your layers are arranged in the wrong order, you may not visually see an issue, but when your layers are stacked on top of each other, this can cause some layers to become ‘hidden’, as seen below.

ReverseLayers before Reverse Your Layers in Photoshop

As you can see, many of the elements are hidden because the ‘Glass’ layer is above the smaller elements. Sure, you can manually arrange the layers until everything is visible, but in the case that the layers are simply backwards, there’s a simple way to reverse their order!

Start off my selecting the layers that need reversing. You can either hold down Command/Ctrl and click on the individual layers, or if they’re in a sequence, select the first one, hold down Shift, then select the last one.

Once that’s done, use the Layer > Arrange > Reverse option to make the switch!

ReverseLayers menu Reverse Your Layers in Photoshop

As you can now see in the image below, the layer stack has been reversed, and the elements are now visible again!

ReverseLayers after Reverse Your Layers in Photoshop

Of course, this is a simple example of how this feature works, but there are many cases where you’re going to find this very helpful!

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