Custom Brushes in Photoshop and Procreate: Analysis and Interviews

Love drawing in Procreate or Photoshop? Curious about custom Photoshop brushes or custom brushes for Procreate? There can be a lot to learn and explore there, especially in regards to your options. Should you download custom brushes? Create your own? 

In this article, we’ll tackle a whole lot of brush content. Whether you’re looking for tutorials to help you dig into custom brushes, insights from creators who use and distribute custom brush sets for others, or if you’re just not sure why custom brushes might be for you—look no further. 

Example Illustration by guerillacraft showcasing his Art Brushes for Procreate Brushes
Example Illustration by guerillacraft, showcasing his “Art Brushes for Procreate” Brushes

Photoshop or Procreate?

Brushes, Compatibility, and Choices

Today, we’re going to talk about Photoshop and Procreate brushes—the two are more friendly than ever before, with Procreate 5’s added ability to use Photoshop brushes now. Even though Photoshop and Procreate might be better described as competitors more than pals, they both work with PSD files, and I often find myself using the two of them in my own illustrative process.

Example of The Graffiti Box Procreate Brushes by LeoSupply
Example of “The Graffiti Box: Procreate Brushes” by LeoSupply

However, it’s not unusual to hear the question of which is better—Procreate or Photoshop? As someone who uses both, I honestly think that the two both have their pros and their cons. Note, these are my opinions here, and I’m a normal, paying customer. 

For example, Procreate is quite powerful and cost-effective. I love mobile creation tools; I can easily draw on the couch, on the go, anywhere. On the other hand, Photoshop has valuable extras and plays a major role in other aspects of my creative life—but also has quite the price tag. In my opinion, Photoshop often requires a larger time investment to get the results you want, particularly from an illustrative perspective. Personally, I find Procreate to be far more user-friendly.  

Procreate Brush samples from Under The Sea Procreate Brushes by LeoSupply
Procreate Brush samples from “Under The Sea: Procreate Brushes” by LeoSupply

Again, this often feels like apples and oranges—the answer is largely subjective and ultimately requires the user to make an informed decision. What’s best for me might not be best for you.

There are plenty of other options out there too—like Clip Studio Paint or Corel Painter, both strong options that plenty of illustrators enjoy! I had the pleasure of speaking with several content creators for this article, and it was interesting to see how many of them create brushes for more than one platform. It seems that a lot of us actively use more than one illustrative tool. 

I’d argue that this diversity is a benefit; if you can create in and for more than one platform, it gives your skillset added diversity. In addition, if you can create brushes for more than one platform, you potentially reach more users when it comes to distributing your brushes commercially!

Custom Procreate Brushes from Art Brushes for Procreate by guerillacraft
Custom Procreate Brushes from “Art Brushes for Procreate” by guerillacraft

Why Work With Custom Brushes?

Working With More Than the Basics

Why bother with custom brushes in either case? Both Photoshop and Procreate have a lot of brushes and features that make them versatile tools right out the box. However, working with custom brushes—both importing user-made content and having the ability to create and customize your own—can open a wonderful world of additional possibilities. 

Yummy Shaders for Procreate
Example illustration by guerillacraft, illustrating use of his Yummy Shaders for Procreate

Honestly, I can’t imagine drawing and painting digitally without custom brushes; in particular, if I didn’t know how to customize them, I wouldn’t have the same flexibility and depth of options. While I do use the default brushes sometimes, my favorite, go-to brushes tend to be custom ones that I either created myself or imported.

Sample of Comics  Halftone Procreate Brushes by LeoSupply
Sample of “Comics & Halftone: Procreate Brushes” by LeoSupply

How to Create Your Own Brushes

Want to Learn How to Make Photoshop Brushes or Procreate Brushes?

All right, so you’ve decided you’d like to give custom brushes a spin, all from scratch. Where do you start? 

Check out these tutorials from Envato Tuts+—they’re a great place to begin!

But What Makes a Great Brush?

Taking the Basics Further

It’s not particularly hard to create a custom brush in either Photoshop or Procreate. However, it’s arguably a lot harder to create a great brush—the kind of custom brush that adds something new, advanced, or purposeful to an artist’s arsenal. 

Examples of Natural Brushes for Procreate Brush Set by guerillacraft
Examples of “Natural Brushes for Procreate” Brush Set by guerillacraft

I’d argue that this makes for a great starting point, once we understand the basics of brush creation and customization. What do you hope to achieve with this brush? For example, are you looking to add texture? Maybe you’re looking to draw or paint something specific, like clouds or foliage. Maybe you’re looking for something suited to a particular part of your process, like sketching or blending. Or perhaps you’d like to create something whimsical or decorative, like a spatter or confetti brush. The sky’s the limit.

However, like a lot of art and design, even when the sky is the limit, we still benefit from a roadmap. Unless free exploration is your goal (which can be a great way to learn!), consider your end result.

Procreate texture brushes GRASS SET by a_slowik
“Procreate texture brushes. GRASS SET” by a_slowik

That said, I had the pleasure of speaking with several content creators who create custom brushes—Photoshop brushes, Procreate brushes, and brushes for other software too! Check out some of the awesome brushes that they’ve created, as well as their thoughts and insights on custom brush creation.

Leonard (LeoSupply)


I’m a self-taught font designer. Started with design back in 2009, First I started with Photoshop and photo manipulations, that was something I was intrigued by and that was a trigger for the learning of other design techniques in graphic design. 

After this, I began watching tutorials, learning, and experimenting. I needed 4 years to come to learning font design, so in 2013, I created my first font. As I didn’t stop on fonts, I started to work on developing brushes for Illustrator, Photoshop and Procreate. 

Example of The Jungle Procreate Brushes by LeoSupply
Example of “The Jungle: Procreate Brushes” by LeoSupply

When you work on illustrations or designs, you always want to incorporate something unique into the project, when you approach to your project like that, it will be hard to find something what is not used before. 

Sometimes a little dot changes the point of view on the design, brushes are all unique, you won’t find any duplicates, you can’t recreate them and that is what makes custom brushes awesome. They simply give you your own uniqueness.

That uniqueness was the reason why I started to create brushes for my own projects and after releasing them to other designers. They are also great way to express your creativity and give your imagination fresh ideas.

The Graffiti Box Procreate Brushes by LeoSupply
“The Graffiti Box: Procreate Brushes” by LeoSupply

Some of my favorite brushes are:

Comics & Halftone: Procreate Brushes, they have so much ways to be used. Not just for comic illustrations as it is in the title, but for grunge style illustrations, texturing, regular modern digital art and they fit for many other styles. Also, there are unlimited possibilities to play with them and create unique illustrations.

Comics  Halftone Procreate Brushes by LeoSupply
“Comics & Halftone: Procreate Brushes” by LeoSupply

Pastels Illustrator Brush-Kit is also one of my favorites since includes 43 REALISTIC pastels look vector brushes and 25 pastel colors in 5 swatches groups for authentic pastel colors. If you love retro designs or funny and children’s style illustrations; you will love them!

Pastels Illustrator Brush-Kit by LeoSupply
“Pastels Illustrator Brush-Kit” by LeoSupply

As I mentioned before, ‘’Sometimes a little dot changes the point of view on the design, brushes are all unique.’’ It gives you your style, your uniqueness, brings your imagination to the next level since you are creating the tool you will use for creating your projects.

What makes painters unique? Brushes which give them ability to create their strokes, their movements and their style. Also, the same is here, your brushes can give you your style and your uniqueness.  

Under the Sea Procreate Brushes by LeoSupply
“Under the Sea Procreate Brushes” by LeoSupply

To everyone who is thinking about creating their own brushes I would suggest just try and see what changes will bring to your work. Now I know that that was great investment of time and it is super-easy when you learn it. There are no struggles with searching exactly ‘’that’’ brush you need, but you can’t find it. You just simply create it and it remains your unique brush. You are also learning to combine a lot of different materials, textures, you can use almost everything around you to transform it and use it in your design work.

Check out more of Leonard’s work here!

Aleksandra Slowik

Aleksandra Slowik

Author’s Note: Aleksandra’s interview was paraphrased and adjusted for language/translation. Thank you so much for working with me on this, Aleksandra!

I began drawing when I was in my fourth year of school. I graduated from an art school, then from university. Then, I had a job where I drew prints and embroidery. I also worked an as illustrator for magazines.

Snow Brushes for Procreate by a_slowik
“Snow Brushes for Procreate” by a_slowik

I draw a lot with my iPad in Procreate. However, the built in brushes were not what I needed, so I started making my own business to fit those needs. I felt that my brushes looked really good and could benefit any professional work – so I thought it should be shared with everyone! I began releasing my brushes and offering them for sale.

Procreate Easy Geometry brushes by a_slowik
“Procreate “Easy Geometry” brushes by a_slowik

I love brushes textures. They work well for both adding texture and shadow. For example, the texture of sand or jeans could work nicely.

I have a set of geometric brushes – these brushes will easily and simply create an aesthetic in a couple of minutes. 

Geometry brushes for Procreate by a_slowik
“Geometry brushes for Procreate” by a_slowik

Sometimes, those who make brushes don’t take into account the quality of the source material. This makes them less versatile, so it’s something I like to take into account.

Creating a great brush is fun but challenging, and takes a lot of time.

Texture Brushes for Procreate by a_slowik
Example of “Texture Brushes for Procreate” by a_slowik

If you want to make your own brushes, look for the highest quality material. Don’t hesitate to experiment, and you won’t be disappointed with the result. I would encourage those looking to develop brushes to also learn how to create patterns from elements to create continuous, professional brushes.

Thank you! Here’s to creating wonderful things.

You can check out more of Aleksandra’s work here!

Matej Ilčík (Guerillacraft)


I am illustrator based in Slovakia. Although I wasn’t trained as an illustrator, I have always been into art. I am almost completely self-taught. In 2014, I started making assets for designers and illustrators, while I was a part-time teacher of graphic design classes on local high-school. It started as side hustle and after few months, I started earning decent income.

From 2017 I did some illustration jobs too. Currently, I am working on my third natural science illustrated book for children.

Natural Shades Brushes for Adobe Photoshop
Illustration by guerillacraft; example of his Natural Shades Brushes for Adobe Photoshop

I had been looking for some side hustle, so I discovered some marketplaces where people could sell their design assets. I was total newbie into this business, so first thing I made were Illustrator brushes. I was painting a lot at this time, so naturally I made tons of brush strokes, converted them to vector brushes and started offering them to people. And people started buying them.

Auld Inks for Procreate by guerillacraft
“Auld Inks for Procreate” by guerillacraft

I really like working with dry paint strokes and textures, so my favourite brushes for Adobe Illustrator are Mid-Century Dry Paint Brushes. Another favourite ones are Pencilcraft brushes. They are almost groundbreaking because they are nonstretched vector brushes, so you can draw without losing quality of real pencils.

Recently, I started making more brushes for Procreate and Photoshop. I really love Inkers for Photoshop and Auld Inks for Procreate. [I use] them a lot in my work. Although I have more brushes still not published that I currently working with.

Inkers Brushes for Adobe Photoshop by guerillacraft
“Inkers Brushes for Adobe Photoshop” by guerillacraft

It’s a great feeling to use your own brushes in your illustrations. It’s really helpful to know how to make your own brush. You can build your own library of brushes – refined and well tested. I use a lot of textured brushes in my work. Not to mention, you can always try to sell them :)

Gritcore Brushes for Procreate by guerillacraft
“Gritcore Brushes for Procreate” by guerillacraft

Definitely, try to use all painting techniques, make your hands dirty. Before I started making brushes, I painted a lot, so I have known materials and understood how they behave. It has helped me a lot! Try oils, acrylics, gouaches, watercolours, inks. Try paint with different tools – even with these unconventional ones. I love accident smudges, so I experiment a lot. You have to understand how it works in reality. 

Oil Paint Brushes for Procreate by guerillacraft
“Oil Paint Brushes for Procreate” by guerillacraft

I watched a lot of tutorials how to made brushes digitally. It take some time to know all settings and how it works, so firstly you can start with customising existing brushes and play with settings.

Build your library of marks, shapes, seamless pattern textures (for Photoshop and Procreate brushes) and saved them to cloud. Generally, have a system of naming brushes. And always use 300 PPI textures or shapes to build brush. It’s my gold standard. 

You can check out more of Matej’s wonderful work right here:

Amy Stoddard

Amy Stoddard

Hi, I’m Amy Stoddard and I am a freelance illustrator and comic artist.  I live in the United States where I enjoy nature, my pets and spending time with family and friends. Generally speaking I consider my work very female oriented. In December, I am wrapped up my nearly 6 year long webcomic project called Fine Sometimes Rain which is a slice of life tale that has a heroine who struggles with and eventually overcomes depression.  

Cover Art for Fine Sometimes Rain by Amy Stoddard
Cover Art for “Fine Sometimes Rain” by Amy Stoddard

Webcomics take years to complete so anything that can help in speeding up the production of a page is good. Also when you make your own custom brushes to help speed your work it still has “your hand” in it so to speak.  If I, for example, used the stock foliage brushes of my favorite program it would always look like that stock foliage and has less of me in it. So by making my own foliage it’s always showing my touch all the time.

Sample from Ghibliesque Brush Set by Amy Stoddard
Sample from “Ghibliesque Brush Set” by Amy Stoddard

The big inspiration for me making my own brushes was I realized that I was spending so much time drawing trees in all of my comic backgrounds.  I love the outdoors, so my comics had a lot of outdoor elements and I wanted to speed up that process. I started by experimenting with the stock foliage brushes and got a feel for how to use them well, but they still weren’t quite enough and that’s when I made my first foliage brush set.  

Sample from Ghibliesque Brush Set by Amy Stoddard
Sample from “Ghibliesque Brush Set” by Amy Stoddard

My first foliage brush set was geared towards black and white comic making and incorporated the classic elements of rendering foliage in pen and ink. Since then I’ve moved onto making foliage brushes for color use, and my most popular set is probably my foliage set that I designed to paint with a Studio Ghibli inspired aesthetic.

Ghibliesque Brush Set by Amy Stoddard
“Ghibliesque Brush Set” by Amy Stoddard

I think my advice for beginners is to not feel intimidated and just give it a try.  Your first few brushes will probably not be the best but they will still be useful to you and through those experiences you will get to know the program and how to make even better brushes. Also don’t be afraid to mess up!  I have quite a few documents of failed foliage brush parts that just didn’t work out as I had imagined they would. Expect brush making to take time too. On some of my more involved sets it’s taken me working on them over a few weeks to get them done and tested. 

Check out more of Amy’s lovely work here:

What Kind of Brushes Would You Create?

I hope this article inspired you to start creating, customizing, and working with custom brushes of your own, whether you’re working in Photoshop, Procreate, or a different software of choice! 

A big thank you to Leonard, Aleksandra, Matej, and Amy for sharing their thoughts, their work, and their brushes with us today! Your work is so inspiring!

What kind of brushes would you like to develop? Here’s to making great content. Good luck and happy designing!

Looking for even more brush content? Check out these resources!

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