25 Free jQuery Plugins for Custom Tabs & Accordions

Modern web designers simply adore dynamic page elements. Dropdown menus, carousels, tabbed links and accordion menus are just a few examples. All of these effects can be recreated using free jQuery plugins without much code.

The toughest part is finding the perfect jQuery plugin to fit with your current project. In this gallery you’ll find 25 plugins for building custom tabbed widgets and accordion content. Each plugin has its own configuration process which takes a bit of reading to fully comprehend. But all of these solutions can fit into any project once you locate one that seems perfect.


lite accordion menu plugin

Paper Collapse

paper collapse jquery plugin


slinkyjs javascript open source


navgoco tabs tabbed content


zaccordion jquery plugin open source

jQuery Accordion

jquer accordion open source code

jQuery Collapse

open source jquery plugin collapse


kwicks plugin expandable content

Responsive Accordion

jquery responsive accordion menu

Magic Accordion

jquery magic accordion menu plugin


aws accordion menu jquery


free open source accordion akordeon

Responsive Tabs

jquery responsive tabs open source

Elegant Accordion

elegant accordion jquery plugin


tabcordion js javascript open source

Simple Accordion

simple accordion jquery plugin


tabber jquery tabs plugin


ios tabs jquery plugin

PWS Tabs

pws tabs jquery plugin

Responsive Tabbed Nav

responsive tabbed navigation plugin

Tab Styles

tab styles ui

Hash Tabs

jquery hash tabs plugin


easytabs jquery plugin design


tabulous custom jquery tabs plugin


tabslet jquery free plugin tabs

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