8 Best Project Management Systems and CRMS on CodeCanyon

Project management and CRM (customer relationship management) entails tracking all aspects of a business from planning, assigning tasks, follow up, task management, and invoicing—along with many more activities.

The success of any website or business largely depends on the structures put in place to ensure the smooth running of operations. From planning and tasks assignment to deadlines and team management, all these activities need a proper system in place.

A project management system is the best solution to ensure synchronization of teams, projects, and tasks. And a CRM helps manage customer contacts and invoices. Luckily CodeCanyon offers many of these apps, with complete source code, at a very low cost. Some of these come with out of the box features such as payroll management, recruitment, invoicing, users management and other awesome features.

In this post, we’re going to look at some of the best project management systems and CRMs on CodeCanyon. Let’s get started!

Perfex project management system

Perfex is an all-purpose CRM that can be used by businesses of all kinds and freelancers as well. It has a very clean and easy-to-use interface that will allow you to perform all tasks with ease. Perfex is the perfect tool for management of projects, clients, customers and in-house activities such as expenses and utilities.

Some of the prominent features of Perfex include:

  • understand customer dynamics—view all your customer’s information such as contacts and how they are using your software
  • manage expenses—manage and track your business expenses
  • automate sales processes—create proposals and assign them to team members
  • task scheduling—assign tasks to ensure urgent and important tasks are done first
  • support ticket system—a central location for customer queries where you can assign them to team members for fast resolution
  • receive payments
  • create professional estimates and invoices    
RISE project management system demo

If you are looking for an easy-to-use project management system, RISE is the perfect solution for you. RISE has everything you would require to manage clients, customers and project tasks. It has some of the most amazing tools such as activity logs for projects and graphical expense reports.

Let’s look at some of the most prominent features.

  • Easy project management: you can add and manage all projects in a central place. After tasks are assigned to members, the project manager is able to assign deadlines and view milestones.
  • Communication tools: includes awesome communication tools between teams and clients. These include a messaging platform, a ticketing system, and fully customized notifications.
  • Event calendars: with event calendars, you can create and share both private and public events. You can also publish announcements and meetings to both clients and team members.
  • Send invoices and receive payments without leaving the portal.
Projectopia project management system

Projectopia is the ultimate project management app and streamlines all activities including clients, projects, tasks, invoices, team members and support tickets.

The best features of Projectopia include:

  • task management
  • contract signing
  • messaging
  • generate invoices automatically
  • Stripe and Paypal payments
  • graphical income dashboard

Here is what some users wrote about the app:

This plugin is nothing short of superb. I’m amazed by the tools and features that it provides, all while keeping the workflow organised and easy to understand. The range of features is astonishing and I keep finding little details that help me to better automate my processes,
it’s like having an extra member on my team. Exactly how software should be, intuitive, easy to understand and utilise and well supported. — g3seoltd

As a 13-year solopreneur, I waited way too long to get started with a client dashboard. I tested almost 25 different platforms (I kept an Excel worksheet of pros and cons) and ultimately came back to Projectopia for its simplicity, pricing structure, available add-ons, and availability of support. — jsalice

Ekushey project manager CRM

Looking for a project management app that works on the go?, Ekushey is an advanced project management app that allows you to manage projects in a clear and organized way. This is possible via a separate file management system for each project.

Other features include:

  • private messaging
  • extensive reports and analysis 
  • support ticket system
  • an included android app
  • event calendars
  • multilingual: supports over 200 languages
  • API integration: allows you to integrate with Paypal, Stripe, and Dropbox for remote storage
Ultimate Project Manager CRM PRO

UPM PRO is a powerful, easy to use CRM with which does more than just managing projects. UPM PRO features a complete HR management system where you can perform recruitment functions such as job posting, interviewing and recruiting. It also features a payroll system where all payments are managed. The leave management system ensures easy management of team leave days.

Other features include:

  • support for over 8 payment gateways
  • publish announcements to both clients and team members
  • log time cards for team members and set IP restrictions for time card access
  • payment, project and ticket reports for clients
  • ticket support system
  • sales reports
TITAN Project Management System

TITAN is a very sleek looking CRM system. If you are looking for a clean and organized CRM, this is the one for you. TITAN has a very clean interface with all your projects, assigned tasks, and tickets visible on the dashboard. When you log in to the dashboard, you won’t have to struggle to find your tasks.

Other features of TITAN include:

Secure Login and Registration System 

TITAN offers easy registration and login via social accounts. It also offers protection from spam. In addition, all passwords are encrypted to ensure your data is safe.

Admin System

The admin system features a very clean and organized dashboard where the admin can view all the projects, their status, and the members assigned. The admin can also assign tickets to members depending on the department for fast resolution. It also features IP blocking to prevent users from logging in with certain IP addresses.

Project Timer 

Manage project costs by assigning each project a set amount of time. 

Ticketing System

This app includes a clean ticketing system where the admin can assign tickets to team members.

Classic Invoicer invoicing and client management system

Classic Invoicer is an invoicing and client management system that allows you to create and send invoices to clients in minutes. You can also view detailed reports of your income.

I have used a few different invoicing programs over the years, Some on CodeCanyon some not. But so far this is the one I like the most. It gives me everything I need, and some little extras I didn’t know I needed. One or two very minor things I would change for my own personal taste but well worth the price. — Bow9487

Classic Invoicer is very easy to install and has a responsive design for use on any device. It is the perfect solution for any business that needs an invoice system. It’s also perfect for freelancers.

onTrack project management system

onTrack is more than a project management system. It comes with out of the box features that will be useful for any IT business, such as: network monitoring, project management facilities, reports, and user management.

onTrack will enable you to keep an inventory of all your assets as well as licenses for your clients. You will also be able to provide support to clients effortlessly via a help desk feature that helps with issues maintenance, bug tracking or any issues with new features.

Other main features include:

  • multilingual: can be translated to any language
  • customizable themes to fit your taste
  • file storage facilities
  • a powerful dashboard that gives an overview of your activity including active tickets, assigned issues, recent assets, and licenses


That’s it for our list of the best project management  and CRM systems on CodeCanyon. Most of these apps have live previews so you can try out all the functionality before you buy. Just click on the Live Preview button on the app homepage on CodeCanyon.

Let us know in the comments below which is your favorite!

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