42 Best Sports Fonts (For Logos, Jerseys, and More)

Your sports fonts collection should include a great sports jersey font, a sports number font, and other versatile sports team fonts. If you’re looking for a great set of premium sports fonts for your next design project, look no further.

sports fonts
Find awesome sports fonts, like this one, on Envato Elements and GraphicRiver

In this article, we’ll take a look at a collection of professionally designed sports fonts. This includes everything from sports lettering font designs to sports logo fonts. Whether you’re looking for a vintage baseball font or the perfect school sports font, there’s plenty to see.

Unlimited Font Downloads at Envato Elements

Envato Elements

When it comes to fonts, Envato Elements is an awesome library to check out. There’s a wealth of content to check out, including a huge collection of sports fonts. The best part is, you can download all the fonts you want for one low fee. That means you can freely download and try out all the professional fonts you want. It’s all covered.

But the deal actually gets even better. Envato Elements also includes graphics, photographs, templates, and more. You get unlimited downloads with Envato Elements. It can prove to be a vital tool for a whole host of design projects, whether you’re an experienced professional or a complete beginner. 

sports logo fonts
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For example, let’s say you’re looking for a flyer design to help advertise your team’s next event. You can find that on Envato Elements. Maybe you’re working on promo items for an athletic organization. From business cards to posters, video templates to audio, Envato Elements has it—and all your downloads are included, for one low price.

sports fonts
This football game sports flyer is just one of the thousands of template downloads available on Envato Elements.

When you have a library of professional assets and templates available at your fingertips, this means saving time and money. Grab all the sports fonts you need, and pick up some templates, graphics, and photos while you’re at it. Why not? It’s all included with unlimited downloads.

sports logo fonts
Download this sports flyer today—it’s included with unlimited downloads on Envato Elements.

30 Best Sports Fonts From Envato Elements

1. Knucklehead Slab | Sport Font

sports fonts

Check out this versatile sports block font. This chunky typeface could work well for your sports embroidery font needs, but it’s a plenty great fit for digital projects, too. This font download comes with two styles and alternative characters.

2. Roshunt Sports Lettering Font

sports jersey font

If you’re looking for a sports block font that deviates from the norm, this one can be a great fit. It’s not your standard sports jersey font either—but that could make for jerseys that really stand out. 

3. Monogram World School Sports Font

sports number font

This font is versatile, in that it works great for your sports logo fonts needs, but it also works well as an all-around sports lettering font. Create a stylish monogram or use it for your lettering.

4. Overhead Type College Sports Font

sports team fonts

If you’re looking for a chunky font, give this one a look. It has an interesting side serif. This font could also work well as a baseball jersey font.

5. Sackbones Sports Font Modern Sans Typeface

sports lettering font

Looking for a sports embroidery font? How about something for your baseball jersey font style aesthetic? This sports font is quite versatile and could serve a number of design projects very well.

6. Mudhead Sports Jersey Font Family

sports script font

This bold sports block font is an excellent choice for headlines, logo design, and more. It features alternative characters, and it could prove to be an excellent choice for a number of different sports and athletic projects. 

7. Mourbout Sports Team Font Typeface

sports logo fonts

If your target aesthetic is classy and high end, check out this beautifully designed font. It’s an excellent choice for monograms, logos, and more. 

8. Flipper Sports Lettering Font

best sports fonts

This sports block font has a slanted style. It works well as a sports lettering font, but also has an unexpected edge that keeps it from looking boring.

9. Sportfont Sports Logo Fonts

sports block font

This is an awesome download, because you get a font bundle. Use these fonts together to create awesome text-based logo designs for your athletic or sports design project. 

10. Touchdown Sports Block Font

college sports font

Love a classic, vintage sports font? This one is just that. Not only do you get the large, blocky serifs, you get a touch of texture, too. This font could work very well for your college sports font needs or other athletic programming.

11. Sportage Sports Jersey Font Family

school sports font

If you’re looking for a stylish, memorable font, look no further. The best sports fonts are the versatile ones, and this one not only has a ton of potential—it also includes an entire font family. Download and experiment with all of the fonts included today.

12. Houston Sports Team Fonts

sports embroidery font

This sports lettering font is simple, clean, stylish, and memorable too. The angled edges key right into a familiar sports aesthetic. 

13. Marttabuck Sports Script Font

baseball font

But maybe a baseball script font is more your aesthetic. Check out this fun and stylish sports script font. It’s bold, memorable, and has a hand-drawn feel.

14. Dezire Sports Block Font Slab Serif

baseball jersey font

This font is a great choice for a college sports font or a school sports font. It keys into that familiar aesthetic with the bold serifs, but it’s versatile enough to work well for other design projects, too. 

15. Crestone Baseball Script Font

baseball script font

How about a different take on a baseball script font? Check this one out. It’s got that vintage baseball font feel, but it pushes things in a different direction. If you’re looking for a baseball font with tail elements, but you want something different, give this one a try.

16. Fortune Sports Logo Fonts

sports fonts

This font takes a curved approach to a sports block font design. This isn’t just a sports lettering font; it could work really well as a sports number font and has plenty of potential for logo design too.

17. Flanders Vintage Baseball Font

sports fonts with tails

Love a vintage look? You can’t beat the classic, baseball script font look and feel that this font has going on. This one is also a great choice if you’re looking for sports fonts with tails. 

18. College Sports Team Fonts

sports block font

What a classic! This font plays into a lot of college sports font expectations and aesthetics. If you’re looking to keep things timeless, it could be a great choice (this one could be a great sports embroidery font too!). 

19. Coleen Sports Logo Fonts

sports logo fonts

If logo design is the focus of your sports design project, this font might be just what you need. It’s a bold sports block font, but notice how well it works both as key and supplemental text.

20. Dodgers Baseball Font with Tail

sports fonts with tails

Isn’t this a lovely font? Check out all that texture! It could be such a fun baseball jersey font, or consider using it on your next poster design. It really captures that baseball jersey font style.

21. Rooters Baseball Jersey Font Style

baseball jersey font

Not looking for a baseball script font, but you’ve still got baseball on the brain? Check out this stylish approach. It definitely keys into some baseball associations, if you’re looking for a different kind of baseball font.

22. Dezire Pro Bold Sports Team Fonts

baseball jersey font style

Here’s another sports block font with a lot of potential. Give your type an outline or work with the outline itself. This font includes two variants for you to experiment with. 

23. Boxing Sports Block Font Slab Serif

sports block font

Love a vintage look? Then this font is definitely worth a look. It’s got that sports block font vibe, but adds an interesting point to the letterforms. 

24. Cowboys 2.0 Sports Team Fonts

sports team fonts

If you’re a fan of American football, this might be a familiar aesthetic. This sports lettering font is a fun one with plenty of different uses available. 

25. Super Line Sports Lettering Font

college sports font

Looking for a high energy font? Imagine this one on a flyer or even in your next motion graphics project. It could be the perfect sports lettering font for articles, features, and so much more. 

26. Empirez Vintage Baseball Font

vintage baseball font

Here’s another take on a vintage baseball font. A baseball jersey font style can be such a classic, timeless approach. This one could also work very well as a sports number font.

27. Decurion Sports Block Font

school sports font

Love the sports block font look, but looking for something a little different? Check out how this font breaks things up with interior linework. It could make a really interesting addition to your design. 

28. Legionaire Sports Logo Fonts

sports logo fonts

When it comes to sports logo fonts, this one has plenty of potential. Use it for your athletic team or maybe a different team—like eSports. 

29. Gauntlet Sports Block Font

sports block font

Check out the points between this sports lettering font. It adds a lot of visual interest. However, notice that it works well at smaller sizes too. It’s a versatile one. 

30. Rostter Boot Vintage Baseball Font

baseball jersey font

A vintage approach can be such a fun and memorable one. This sports font could work so well for poster design. This one also includes fun alternates to experiment with.

More Premium Sports Fonts From GraphicRiver


So, you’re looking for high-quality, premium fonts, but maybe Envato Elements isn’t quite your style. If you’re not looking for unlimited downloads or multiple assets, you might want to check out GraphicRiver

GraphicRiver has the same high-quality content you’re looking for, but the downloads are all a la carte. Download only what you need—keep things simple and cost-effective by downloading a single font for one low fee. This is a perfect choice if you know exactly what you need and you’re not interested in additional downloads. 

Check out some of these awesome sports fonts from GraphicRiver. Pick them up today for one low fee—one download, simple and easy.

12 Best Sports Fonts 

1. Houston Sports Font Family

sports fonts

This sports font really commands attention. It has some baseball font vibes, but could easily work for a number of different sports and projects. Swap the colors and remix the content for the perfect sports lettering font combo.

2. Newzone Sport Fonts

sports block font

Isn’t this font stylish? It’s perfect on packaging, and it could work very well for poster design too. It’s a versatile sports block font—with plenty of potential applications in your other design work.

3. Milestone Sports Script Font

sports fonts with tails

Sports fonts with tails are such a classic look. This baseball script font has such a vintage, fun feel. Use it as a sports jersey font, or remix things and use it as your next school sports font.

4. Fenway Sports Font Family

baseball jersey font style

Here’s another take on a baseball script font. This time, we get more of a curly look and feel. This download comes with fun extras too, like clip art and a companion sans serif font.

5. Prodush Sports Logo Fonts

sports logo fonts

Sports team fonts need to be eye-catching and memorable—they need to stand out! Well, check out this bold sports font. It works great as a sports number font too, as the numbers also have these interesting, pointed serifs. 

6. Backcheck Sports Block Font

sports team fonts

Speaking of interesting serifs, take a look at this sports font. Experiment with the baseline, like in the example above, to try out different looks. This one is bold and really commands attention.

7. Mattoa Sports Logo Fonts

school sports font

Here’s a fun, modern take on the classic sports script font aesthetic. Consider trying out a slick aesthetic, like this example, when working with your next sports lettering font. It can make for an entirely different visual direction.

8. Esporta Sports Team Fonts

sports logo fonts

Pointed and energetic, this sports block font has so much energy. Sports team fonts, like this one, need that high-energy vibe. Try this one out for your sports design project today.

9. Cadass Sports Lettering Font

sports embroidery font

There’s a reason why a baseball script font aesthetic is so popular—it looks great and it has so much potential. In particular, sports fonts with tails can add such an organic element to your project.

10. Homerun School Sports Font

baseball font with tail

If you’re looking for the perfect baseball font with tail elements, this one takes the cake. Take a look at the different styles and download this one today.

11. Debrosee Sports Number Font

sports number font

Here’s a very different aesthetic for your sports fonts collection. The best sports fonts aren’t necessarily predictable—mix things up with this blocky, digital aesthetic. 

12. Redoura Baseball Script Font

vintage baseball font

This sports script font has such beautiful line widths. However, keep in mind that this one is a font duo—it also comes with a serif face that works as the perfect complement.

Which Were Your Favorite Sports Fonts? 

Envato Elements is an awesome choice if you’re looking for great sports fonts. There’s a huge library to choose from, and you can download as much as you want. With unlimited downloads, you have unlimited choice. Download to your heart’s content, and do it all for one low price. It’s a deal—especially if a library of content means saving time on your next design project.

However, sometimes, we just need one asset. GraphicRiver is the perfect choice in this scenario. Download just one font, today, and dig into your next design project—keep things simple and get what you need, right now.

Love fonts? Check out these other articles for even more font inspiration, free downloads, and more.

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