20 Fonts Similar to Proxima Nova (Alternatives to Download)

Love sans serif fonts, but you’d prefer a Proxima Nova alternative? Fonts similar to Proxima Nova share its sleek, stylish, modern look. In this article, we’ll take a look at the aesthetic of the Proxima Nova font and why it’s so successful. We’ll also take a look at some fonts like Proxima Nova that you can download now.

fonts like proxima nova
Looking for fonts similar to Proxima Nova? Check out stylish, modern sans serif fonts like this one.

Looking at the Proxima Nova Font

So, what font is similar to Proxima Nova and what makes the aesthetic so attractive? Proxima Nova is a modern sans serif font designed in the mid-2000s. It has visible geometric influences, but isn’t an entirely geometric font. There’s some influence there that also looks far more humanist.

Overall, it has a neutrality that makes it very versatile in many design situations. It works well on its own and easily pairs with other fonts too.

proxima nova font
The Proxima Nova font and several of its different weights.

For example, Proxima Nova bold is an excellent choice for points of emphasis. This font often includes weights of extra bold and black too.

You can also find Proxima Nova condensed, thin, and light. Use it for headlines, use it for body copy. This font family can prove to be a staple font in your font library; it’s that versatile. We also clearly see this aesthetic and influence in many other modern sans serif fonts.

proxima nova similar font
A modern sans serif font can be an elegant choice for your design projects. 

When figuring out what font is similar to Proxima Nova, keep an eye out for modern sans serif qualities.

A similar font to Proxima Nova would likely have some qualities of a grotesque sans serif font, but some geometric influence too. This aesthetic is somewhere in between: not entirely geometric, but with some geometric influence.

sans serif font
Fonts like Proxima Nova tend to be clean and stylish. Modern sans serifs take influence from geometry and/or grotesque type.

Fonts Similar to Proxima Nova

Here are some stylish choices for a similar font to Proxima Nova. Some of them are a closer Proxima Nova lookalike, while others put a different spin on this modern aesthetic.

1. Maximus Sans: A Geometric Sans Family of 8 Fonts 

Maximus Sans - A Geometric Sans family of 8 Fonts

Check out this beautiful sans serif font. While it’s not necessarily a direct Proxima Nova lookalike, it shares many qualities. This font family also includes a variety of different weights to experiment with.

2. Fresh Start Geometric Sans Serif Font + Web Fonts

Fresh Start Geometric Sans Serif Font + Web Fonts

If you’re looking for a clean sans serif font with plenty of versatility, give this one a shot. It includes three variations and looks great at a variety of sizes.

3. Albori Sans-Serif

Albori Sans-Serif

There’s something so elegant about a modern sans serif set on photography, isn’t there? This beautifully designed sans serif font is no exception.

4. Hubhead Geometric Sans-Serif Font

Hubhead Geometric Sans-Serif Font

Check out this stylish sans serif font. There’s some interesting variation in the strokes here. Take a look at the lower case “d”, for example. This one could be great for headlines.

5. Pulse: A Modern Sans-Serif Typeface

Pulse - A Modern Sans-Serif Typeface

This is a clean, sleek font family with plenty of possibilities. There are five weights included, with matching italics. If you’re looking for a solid, all-around font, give this one a look.

6. Mriya Grotesk: Premium Sans-Serif Typeface

Mriya Grotesk - Premium Sans-Serif Typeface

This font clearly takes more influence from grotesque sans serif fonts, and it makes for a really stylish look. Try this font family out in your next design project.

7. Ace Sans Modern Sans Serif Font

Ace Sans Modern Sans Serif Font

Isn’t this font family stylish? It has an impressive eight different weights included, so it’s a perfect fit for a number of different design projects and situations.

8. Gorga Grotesque Sans Serif Font

Gorga Grotesque Sans Serif Font

Here’s another stylish sans serif that openly takes inspiration from the grotesque type classification, but we still see some geometric influence in there too. 

9. Daaron Sans Serif Font Family

Daaron Sans Serif Font Family

There’s a really interesting length and curvature to this font family. Try this out in regular, bold, and round. This modern font family has a lot of potential.

10. Treyton Sans Serif Font Family

Treyton Sans Serif Font Family

Here’s a minimalist, clean, modern sans serif font family that’s worth checking out. Try out the included seven weights in your next composition. 

11. GROTESKA: Minimal & Modern Sans-Serif Typeface 

GROTESKA - Minimal & Modern Sans-Serif Typeface

Check out the shapes in this beautifully designed font family. There are some geometric and humanist vibes mixed together here. It’s a trait often seen in modern sans serifs.

12. Valued: A Deluxe Sans Serif Family

Valued - A Deluxu Sans Serif Family

There’s something so stylish and timeless about a well-designed, modern sans serif font. Try this out in light or outline; it has some really interesting variants.

13. METZLER Minimal Sans-Serif Typeface + Web Font

METZLER Minimal Sans-Serif Typeface + Web Font

Looking for a sleek, minimal font family with web fonts included? Then you should give this sans serif font a look. It’s stylish, and it’s ready for your website.

14. HEXA Modern Display Typeface

HEXA - Modern Display Typeface

There’s a really memorable, condensed quality to this modern sans serif font. It’s a great fit for display type. Try this one out at larger sizes. 

15. HERZ: Simple Sans Serif Typeface

HERZ - Simple Sans Serif Typeface

Want to keep things simple? Then this might be the perfect font for you. This family includes three weights and web font files, and it’s got a beautifully neutral aesthetic.

16. Obadiah Pro: Modern Typeface + WebFont

Obadiah pro - Modern Typeface + WebFont

This is such a stylish font. It’s got that clean sans serif look, but adds some unexpected elements that make it an excellent choice for points of interest.

17. Fonzy Sans Serif Minimal Font Pack

Fonzy Sans Serif Minimal Font Pack

Here’s a minimal font family that has some really interesting variations. You get your expected weights, like thin and bold, but this one also includes an outlined version.

18. Procyon: Modern Typeface + WebFont

Procyon - Modern Typeface + WebFont

Clean, simple, and minimalist: that sums this font up well. It’s got a touch of geometry, but some of the strokes have a touch of contrast. Give this modern font a try today.

19. Colorado: Modern Typeface + WebFont

Colorado - Modern Typeface + WebFont

If you like a condensed look, this font might be just what you’re looking for. It also has a touch of a blocky vibe. It helps craft a really memorable aesthetic here.

20. Xaviera: Modern Typeface + WebFonts

Xaviera - Modern Typeface + WebFonts

This font has the potential to be a go-to choice in your font library. It’s beautifully minimalist and would pair well with a number of other fonts.

Looking for the Perfect Proxima Nova Font Pairing? 

If you need a strong Proxima Nova font pairing, consider a font that will contrast with the clean look of fonts like Proxima Nova.

For example, Proxima Nova condensed (or a similar Proxima Nova alternative) could pair quite nicely with a decorative script font. The two would contrast. A similar premise could apply to fonts like Proxima Nova bold, regular, and other weights.

font duo
Try pairing fonts that have visually interesting contrast, like this font duo.

Check out these font collections for fonts that would pair well with modern sans serifs. There are script fonts, calligraphy fonts, serifs, and more to choose from. Given the neutrality of a modern sans serif, you have so many options.

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Which Modern Sans Serif Fonts Are Your Favorites?

So, which modern sans serif fonts are your favorites? There are so many stylish designs out there to choose from, it can be hard to pick just one.

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Looking for even more font inspiration? There are plenty more stylish sans serif fonts out there to see. Check out these font collections today.

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