15+ Fonts Similar to Papyrus

What’s wrong with Papyrus font, what are some fonts like Papyrus, and how can we best use a Papyrus font style? What is Papyrus font, anyway? In this article, we’ll take a look at some fonts that look like Papyrus, and address some of the sentiment behind the question: why is Papyrus font bad? Spoiler alert: the reputation has a lot to do with implementation.

Magalon Unique Display FontMagalon Unique Display FontMagalon Unique Display Font
Looking for fonts similar to Papyrus, but with a different twist? Check out this stylish display font.

So, What Is the Papyrus Font?

Papyrus is a widely available font, which is likely why so many people are familiar with it. Many of us didn’t need to download Papyrus; it was already installed on our computers. The font itself is over 30 years old and has often been included, by default, with both Microsoft and Apple products.

papyrus fontpapyrus fontpapyrus font
Example of the Papyrus font.

When thinking about the Papyrus font, the 2009 movie Avatar might come to mind. It used a font for its title design that was very similar to Papyrus. In fact, this even sparked comedy sketches and criticism, because Papyrus has such a reputation. But why? What’s the deal with Papyrus, and why do so many designers have a distaste for it?

What’s Wrong With Papyrus Font (Or Why Is Papyrus Font Bad)?

Although some may disagree, Papyrus is not inherently a “bad font”. Instead, its reputation is a lot like Comic Sans, another font with a notorious reputation. A font arguably becomes a “bad font” when it is used in a poor or mismatched way. So, for example, using Papyrus sans font for something like official, legal paperwork would feel strangely inappropriate—the font itself has a textured look with some calligraphic inspirations. It looks almost biblical, and has an ancient feel to it. It’s quite decorative, and should probably be reserved for situations that warrant that aesthetic.

The problem here is: overexposure and misuse can lead to a bad reputation. As designers, we often rely on the preconceived ideas of our target audience to connect with them. So, if Papyrus has a reputation, and it’s off their trend, that can make it a challenging font to use successfully.

Papyrus is a font with a reputation, likely due to overexposure and misuse.

So, can we make a case for Papyrus? Absolutely. Calligraphic fonts that have an aged aesthetic can be a fun, memorable choice, especially for things like display type. You might even prefer a calligraphic sans serif, like Mariposa Sans or Palatino Sans. There’s plenty of visual inspiration we can take from Papyrus and use successfully.

avatar papyrus fontavatar papyrus fontavatar papyrus font
Fonts that look like Papyrus often have calligraphic qualities. You may also prefer textured, brush-like qualities.

Textured fonts, for example, can bring a rustic or organic feel to a composition. Many different font styles can also benefit from a calligraphic influence. For example, Papyrus is not necessarily a calligraphy font, but still has strokes that taper, rather than stiff, continuous lines that have no variety. 

These organic qualities can work well with aesthetics that are earthy, informal, aged, vintage, and much more. 

font like papyrusfont like papyrusfont like papyrus
Invitations can benefit from an aged or hand-drawn aesthetic, if you want to invoke an informal or weathered look and feel.

You can find influences like this in a number of fonts, and in a number of visual directions too. While Papyrus is a sans serif, even serif fonts can work with a bit of texture and variety in their stroke. 

old font like papyrusold font like papyrusold font like papyrus
This Papyrus font alternative has an aged look with some calligraphic inspiration, but also employs serifs.

Check Out These Fonts Similar to Papyrus

Let’s take a look at some fonts similar to Papyrus. Whether you’re looking for a font like Papyrus but smooth, a more whimsical, comic Papyrus font, or a bold font with an aged aesthetic, there’s plenty to see here. The inspiration pulls from different angles in this list, so give them all a try.

1. Rosemary Handlettered Serif Font

Rosemary - Handlettered Serif FontRosemary - Handlettered Serif FontRosemary - Handlettered Serif Font

This hand-drawn font has such a welcoming aesthetic. Note the variety in the stroke of each letter, not only in terms of jitter, but also in the width. 

2. Victorius Aged Ancient Font

Victorius - Gaming fontVictorius - Gaming fontVictorius - Gaming font

This fun font departs from Papyrus aesthetically, but also plays with a historic or aged aesthetic. It can be a fun direction for specialty projects, like mobile gaming, logos, and more.

3. Odd Times Script Inspired Font

Odd Times FontOdd Times FontOdd Times Font

Or you could push even more towards a calligraphic aesthetic, as we see in this stylish typeface. It takes more influence from blackletter, but still lends itself to an aged aesthetic.

4. Chara Sans Serif & Serif Duo (Clean Papyrus Sans Font)

Chara - Sans Serif & Serif DuoChara - Sans Serif & Serif DuoChara - Sans Serif & Serif Duo

If you’re looking for a clean font like Papyrus but smooth, try something like this one. This one has serifs, but there’s a sans serif option down below too. Give this one a try.

5. Historia Font (Papyrus Bold Font Script)

Historia FontHistoria FontHistoria Font

How about a font that really pushes the aged, historical look? A font like this one is even more calligraphic without necessarily being a calligraphy font.

6. Scriptease Typeface: Brush Font

Scriptease TypefaceScriptease TypefaceScriptease Typeface

Papyrus has some interesting curves, edges, and a calligraphic feel, so why not push that aesthetic further with a script typeface like this one? It has interesting angles and an aged feel.

7. Avatar Display Font (Papyrus Font Avatar)

Avatar Display FontAvatar Display FontAvatar Display Font

This font has some Papyrus font Avatar inspiration, but pushes it in a different direction. You still get some calligraphic influence without being a script. Give this stylized font a try.

8. Old Church Display Comic Papyrus Font

Old Church - Serif Display FontOld Church - Serif Display FontOld Church - Serif Display Font

Here’s a great choice for a clean font like Papyrus but smooth. You get some similar variation in the line width, as we’d see in hand-drawn type, but without the worn, textured edges. 

9. SUPER: A Handwritten Sans Serif

SUPER - A Handwritten Sans SerifSUPER - A Handwritten Sans SerifSUPER - A Handwritten Sans Serif

On the other hand, if you love texture and an organic vibe, check out a font like this one. It takes the hand-drawn aesthetic much further and has a lot of interesting variety and texture.

10. Magalon Unique Display Font

Magalon Unique Display FontMagalon Unique Display FontMagalon Unique Display Font

Isn’t this display font fun? It’s a departure from the Papyrus font, but it still has a rather ancient and aged feel to it. It could work well for scenarios where you need a historical style.

11. Obsypac Font (Font Like Papyrus But Smooth)

Obsypac FontObsypac FontObsypac Font

This font has a vintage look and feel, as well as some stylish variety in the line work. It doesn’t have texture, but it could be a perfect choice if you’re looking for a font like Papyrus but smooth.

12. Regolith Font (Aged Fonts Like Papyrus)

Regolith FontRegolith FontRegolith Font

Here’s a really fun, bold, aged font that comes with a bunch of really awesome bonus items included. Want to create an ancient look? Try a really visual but unexpected font, like this one.

13. Velociraptype Script Brush Font

Velociraptype FontVelociraptype FontVelociraptype Font

Or, push even more towards that visually interesting calligraphic look with a script, brush font like this one. It has some really interesting angles and peaks that could work well in a number of projects.

14. Hand Writer (Handwriting Inspired Papyrus Bold Font)

Hand Writer FontHand Writer FontHand Writer Font

If you love an aged, handwritten look, try a font like this one. The shapes are very different from Papyrus, but it has that similar weathered, textured look. 

15. Rustic Station Handwriting Brush Typeface

Rustic Station TypefaceRustic Station TypefaceRustic Station Typeface

Push the curves and visible stroke variation further with this handwriting font. It has that calligraphic influence without being a calligraphy font. It’s also got a really memorable look.

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Which Papyrus Font Alternative Do You Like?

So, which fonts similar to Papyrus are your favorites? Fonts like Papyrus can have a host of qualities that make them worth checking out.

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