11 Best Social Media Scripts and Plugins to Streamline Your Workflow

If you are running a business or building a brand, you are always looking for ways to increase your online reach. A streamlined, accessible and consistent social media presence is essential, whether you are a bricks-and-mortar shop, a digital specialist, or a marketing influencer.

Using scripts and plugins from CodeCanyon, you can make your life easier while optimizing your social media presence. These plugins will help you integrate your content seamlessly across platforms and run efficient and impressive online marketing strategies.

From social engagement experts doing outreach for big brands to independents who need the tools to take on an online campaign, CodeCanyon has innovative and easy-to-use solutions. Check out this list of must-have social tools to improve your relationship with your base, streamline your personal workflow, and create conversions in no time.

Stackposts Social Marketing Tool

Need help coordinating your social media presence? Stackposts is a marketing tool that allows you to manage multiple social networks, schedule posts, increase your traffic, and engage your audiences. This easy-to-use, mobile responsive tool will make your life easier. It can post to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram simultaneously: just upload your media, add a caption, and choose a time to publish. Stackposts takes care of the rest.

This tool includes customizable email templates and a payment system upgrade, if you need it, to create a comprehensive user experience, for both you and your customers.

User lucrativetech says:

“This script is fantastic, the design is great, the code clean. I can recommend this over and again.”

PHP Social Stream

Looking for a way to broadcast your social network news, updates, videos and images from multiple platforms in one place? Improve the visitor experience by installing PHP Social Stream, a plugin that combines your social networking activities into one stream to display on your website. 

Your visitors will be able to easily share your content with their networks. Choose one of four built-in templates, or customize your stream with the theme manager to create a user experience unique to your website. Supporting 17 social networks, with more than 30 feed options and six different display modes, PHP Social Stream has the flexibility to work with your social stream needs.

User deanlacey says:

“Coding! First class, super work. This has to be one of the best purchases from Envato that I’ve ever made. This looks fantastic and so professional. Absolutely first class and cannot recommend these guys enough!!!”


Instagram is a vital part of your social media strategy. If you want to share multiple links with your followers, outreach can be challenging as you can only include one unique link in your Instagram bio. phpBioLinks offers an elegant solution to Instagram’s link limit.

Using this product, you can create a website where you can add as many links as you want. Then, paste that website’s URL into your Instagram bio and never change it again! A simple drag-and-drop interface allows you to reorder links, and the clean and responsive design makes this product mobile-ready. You have total control: customize pages, manage users, and access helpful analytics. phpBioLinks includes PayPal and Stripe gateways for payments, and has the ability to embed video and audio media in your custom website.

User designrpixxel says:

“Fast response + great script = 5 stars.”

VTPoster Facebook Marketing Tool

Looking for a Facebook marketing script that can do it all? Use VTPoster to put your Facebook account on autopilot and make your life easier while generating traffic for your brand.

VTPoster has all the automation features you need: post to groups, including secret and closed groups, to broaden your market base; increase visibility by setting up posts to friends’ walls; repost pages to generate content; join groups and add friends. Everything you can do with Facebook to increase your reach and strengthen your network, VTPoster can do, on a schedule that works for you.

But not just that: VTPoster gives you the data you need, with detailed analytics and Facebook search scraper functionality to tailor your online marketing strategy.

User gemaalfaputra says:

“Best script ever for facebook marketing. I can do a lot of things with this. Gaining customers and website visitors will be easier.”

AccessPress Social Pro

How do you get more social media shares? Every business and brand wants to increase its reach, and AccessPress Social Pro is a WordPress plugin that helps you do that. This plugin allows others to easily share your website content—pages, posts, images, and media—with their networks, and works with 27 major social networks to make sure your content is accessible to a wide audience. 

With 20 highly customizable themes, an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface, beautiful CSS3 animation and fast load-time, this fully responsive plugin will help you grow your reach.

User caapi says:

“Brilliant plugin. It doesn’t slow page loads. It has lots of design options. It’s easy to use. And incredible support team! A+++++!”

VTGram Instagram Tool for Marketing

Creating and uploading consistent and high-quality Instagram content for your brand can be time-consuming. Automate your workflow and let VTGram be your Instagram assistant! This tool is the ultimate way to increase your Instagram marketing effectiveness. VTGram allows you to post videos directly from your desktop and set up auto posts, comments, likes, and follows. VTGram takes the hassle out of Instagram marketing to get you the views you desire.

User Hessein says:

“I love this script so much, this is the only script that allows you to get real active Instagram followers. Easy to use and simple.”

phpStatistics Social Tracking Tool

A big part of social media strategy is staying on top of your analytics, and juggling data from multiple accounts and platforms can get messy. That’s where phpStatistics comes in. phpStatistics is a social tracking tool that gives you the ability to track unlimited accounts from multiple platforms, including Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Twitch, and Tumblr.

This tool provides you with all the data you need, with detailed day-to-day tracking of your followers, favorites, views, and subscribers. It gives you visual data on your overall and monthly stats, and future projections for all your accounts. The beautiful and responsive design is integrated with PayPal and Stripe payment gateways, allowing you to turn views into purchases.

User NenadJovanovicCOM says:

“phpStatistics is amazing. Have used it for some time and it’s been able to accurately track all the social media I need. It’s built quite solid and gets frequent updates, the dev team behind this nailed it!”

GramEasy Instagram Auto Post and Activity App

Another Instagram automation tool, GramEasy is a standalone PHP app that gives you the power to boost your account with more followers, likes, comments and direct messages than ever before. This tool provides full support for your Instagram marketing, with the ability to target content by tags and location, to connect with your desired audience.

Use GramEasy to automate follows that will drive traffic to your brand, or set up targeted communication with your own followers to strengthen existing relationships. GramEasy is a powerful and elegant tool to enhance your Instagram marketing strategy.

User EdluanPerry says:

“Certainty the best tool for Instagram automation. The design is incredible, easy to customize and the support is very good!”

Facebook Messenger Customer Chat WordPress Plugin

Make connecting with your customers easier and provide a seamless experience for visitors to your WordPress site with the Messenger Customer Chat plugin. Based on Facebook Messenger, this plugin allows customers to contact you for live chat directly through your website.

Messenger Customer Chat automatically loads recent chat history with each individual, to create a streamlined experience for your customers that allows you to continue the conversation even after they have left your website. No need to capture customers’ information for follow up: just open the conversation in Messenger and continue where you left off! This plugin is a very convenient way for customers to stay in touch. And with each interaction, you build your customer base for future online marketing and outreach.

User baloo13 say:

“Great plugin! Simple to use, great design and super support!!”

AutoFollow Chrome Extension for Instagram

This brand new AutoFollow tool for Instagram is as simple as it is effective: if you want to grow the follower base on your Instagram account, this tool will help you do it. Easy to use and install, with six months of support, this Chrome extension includes detailed video documentation that walks you through the entire process, for a worry-free experience for those new to Instagram marketing. Let AutoFollow work behind the scenes to build your brand presence.

FS Poster WordPress Auto Poster and Scheduler

Looking for a WordPress plugin to fully integrate your website with your social networks? FS Poster’s user-friendly, modern interface allows you to schedule and automatically publish posts to multiple social networks in order to manage your full online marketing strategy in one place. With helpful features like analytics reports, WooCommerce integration and a built-in link shortener, FS Poster provides you with the tools you need to build a comprehensive and integrated web presence from your WordPress website.

User matheussantanabs says:

“Currently this is the best and most complete sharing plugin. Extremely easy to use and intuitive. Now it’s much easier to monitor the networks where they are shared, I can see this clearly on the dashboard. Besides the development team is always working for improvements and is always available to help. Undoubtedly, this was one of my best investments.”


These social media tools from CodeCanyon will make it easier for you to improve online reach for your business or brand. A consistent social media presence is important no matter what kind of business you have, and the right tools can really improve your workflow!

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