UI Interactions of the week #58

via Muzli design inspiration c2Watch — the timing of frequency by Leo Leung Multi-recharge — One click by Johny vino™ Movie ticket — Lovers, family, friends seat finderby Johny vino™ M2H by Kate Laguta for M2H agency Portfolio animation — Serge Wsevolojsky #2 by Nicolas Aguado Artificial Intelligence exploration for OS by fantasy by Gleb Kuznetsov✈ for FΛNTΛSY History of PayPal: Timeline Interaction by Ben Cline for RALLY Case Study… Continue reading UI Interactions of the week #58

30 Masonry WordPress Themes

A masonry layout can use jQuery and CSS3 to dynamically position your images and videos in a neat grid that is optimised and changed depending on screen sizes and the displayed content width and height dimensions. Many WordPress theme shops and authors are incorporating masonry layouts into their WordPress themes, this results in a dynamic… Continue reading 30 Masonry WordPress Themes