UI Interactions of the week #58

c2Watch — the timing of frequency by Leo Leung

Multi-recharge — One click by Johny vino™

Movie ticket — Lovers, family, friends seat finderby Johny vino™

M2H by Kate Laguta for M2H agency

Portfolio animation — Serge Wsevolojsky #2 by Nicolas Aguado

Artificial Intelligence exploration for OS by fantasy by Gleb Kuznetsov✈ for FΛNTΛSY

History of PayPal: Timeline Interaction by Ben Cline for RALLY

Case Study Interactions by ⍨ Samuel Medvedowsky for MetaLab

Stedelijk Muzeum — Animated Header by Hrvoje Grubisic for Degordian

Social Android app interactions by Cuberto

Headphones by sandeep virk for Nickelfox

Bank commissions by Alem

#15 Horizontal Menu Slider by Yaroslav Zubko

Gmail login -Gamified by Johny vino™

Type Specimen / UI Challenge — Week 12 by Andrej Radisic

Color Coding Microinteraction — Project Management by Filippos Protogeridis

Lonely Planet homepage by Chris Whitsett for Lonely Planet

Media Carousel by Eddie Lobanovskiy

SongBook App Search (looped) by Eleken.

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