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Drag and drop website building tools have their pros and cons, as do most website building tools. If you are using drag and drop to build your websites, we have a little reward for you – a promise of something better. It’s called XPRS, it offers a new and innovative approach to website building, and you can use if free of charge, simply by requesting a free life-time license.

When using another website builder, although many of them have eliminated the need for coding and they rely on drag and drop technology, you will often fall short when it comes to creating a truly responsive and scalable website, and fall far short as far as providing the optimal SEO characteristics that are embedded in the XPRS approach.

This is why they developed the XPRS system with its reliance on the use of Polydoms, the “web molecules” of the website-building world. If you are a drag and drop user, and even if you are a long-standing user and highly proficient in using the drag and drop process, we invite you to give XPRS a try.

There’s no catch involved in getting a life-time free license – a win-win situation for everyone involved. All you have to do is go to this page, where you’ll find instructions on how to sign up.


Polydoms – The Molecular Approach to Building Websites

Just what is it about Polydoms that make them so easy and so much fun to work with? If you’ve had fun building things with Lego blocks (and maybe you still do!), you’ll have just as much fun building websites with Polydoms. The really nice thing about this approach is you will not only find it intuitive and fun and to work with, but you’ll also realize superior end results.

Think of your design elements as atoms. They can be icons, buttons, blocks of text, images or video, or anything you might want to include in a website. A Polydom is a kind of web molecule that is made up of one or more of these atoms. A Polydom consisting of only a few design elements is called an item. Connect several items together, and you have created a section (or stripe). A web page is built by putting together several sections. Since everything is editable and customizable, the web design possibilities are limitless.

Caption: Flux (creative designer, participant at the Creator Talks, in Copenhagen 2016), speaking about XPRS.

The Polydom approach gives you full control over your page and website building processes from start to finish. This includes control over the content, and control over the desired user experience. Nothing is left to chance.

You can start a page from scratch, or use one or more of the many templates provided as baselines to build your project upon. How you start depends entirely on what you are trying to accomplish, and how you want to go about it. At the section-level, you can choose your preferred layout (top, bottom, middle, or side-by-side), and add special effects like scrolling and hover. You can copy and paste sections throughout a page or from one page to another, and do so with ease.

Give XPRS a Try

IMCreator, the developers of XPRS, have just launched a new campaign. As mentioned earlier, this is a win-win promotion that is designed to add to the 43,000+ XPRS customer base, while at the same time giving drag and drop web designers an opportunity to try a superior website building approach, and try it for free. All you have to do to qualify is to submit the link of a website you’ve build using the drag and drop method.

With XPRS, you don’t have to go through hoops and hurdles to build a 100% responsive, mobile-ready website. The Polydom approach makes it happen. There’s no need for adjustments or any tweaking on your part – ever. Because XPRS-built websites feature highly structured, sematic code, the type of code search engines love, your final products will be SEO-ready, they will rank higher, they will bring more traffic to your clients’ businesses, and they will improve those clients’ conversion rates.

If you are an artist, a student, or a non-profit organization, you can receive a license at no charge. Licenses for commercial use cost $7.95/month, and if you are a reseller, a white-label user, or a web professional serving multiple clients, for only $350 annually you will receive an unlimited number of licenses.

These pricing packages feature unlimited hosting, connection to your own domain, ecommerce features, and everything is ad free. You are guaranteed to be highly pleased with the 24/7 support the XPRS team provides, and the support documentation as well.


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