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In simple words, MarketStack is an API that is stock related which returns for indices and stocks from all across the globe. MarketStack is a reliable source, which is trusted by more than thirty thousand companies as well as around a hundred universities all around the world. If you are unsure about MarketStack, you can start with a free trial that is able to retrieve a thousand requests in a month.

MarketStack is known for being able to handle multiple requests at a time efficiently. Figures tell that it is able to handle a million requests in a day, which is something to be applauded. MarketStack API is reliable and fast. The fact that it is also backed up by the latest cloud infrastructure is proof enough of its capabilities.


Following are some features that MarketStack API offers and is known for:


We have all heard numerous stories of data leakage and information mishandling from multiple online platforms but MarketStack claims to have an encrypted technique, which saves and assures that the data is not leaked or mishandled. It uses the 256-bit HTTP encryption, which is used by many renowned industries today.


The most valuable thing in today’s world is time and no one can bear slow speed, which is why MarketStack uses the fastest technologies to ensure that no one’s time is compromised. It is a simple yet powerful API that has an uptime of a hundred percent.


Easy-to-use JSON API for your market data

MarketStack uses the lightweight JSON format, which is simple and manageable. Nobody wants to complicate things unnecessarily and nobody has time to figure out the complexities, which creates a hindrance. It is simple and uses HTTP GET for all the requests.


Users can easily get their hands on real-time stock data within minutes. If the user wishes, he/she can also search for the data which is up to thirty years old and MarketStack assures that the data will be a hundred percent historically accurate.


Following are some guidelines that will help you figure out how to use MarketStack API:

  • Make sure that you are authenticated with the API before making any requests.
  • You can access the MarketStack API using industry-standard HTTPS if you are a Basic Plan subscriber. All you have to do is use the https protocol for any request.
  • You will have to upgrade your account to Basic Plan if you are a free plan user if you want to connect via HTTPS.
  • In order to confirm if your request is successfully accepted, you will receive a code “200”
  • In case of any errors, MarketStack will send you a message along with the error code.
  • In case if the error is unknown, you will receive a code, “404” which means error not found.
  • The user is able to acquire the end of the day data by using the “eod endpoint”.
  • The user is also able to acquire intraday day along with data intervals by using the “intraday endpoint” and specifying their preferred stock ticker symbols.


There are mainly five pricing plans of MarketStack API and those are:

  1. FREE forever: This plan is completely free of cost and can entertain a thousand requests per month
  2. Basic Plan: This plan costs $9.99 and can entertain ten thousand requests per month
  3. Professional Plan: This plan costs $49.99 and can entertain one hundred thousand requests per month
  4. Business Plan: This plan costs $149.99 and can entertain five hundred thousand requests per month
  5. Custom Plan: The cost of this plan depends on your requirements.

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