Eliminate Old Technology to Declutter Your Space

Developing and accomplishing a total decluttering plan for your home or workspace can be overwhelming. So many books and videos instruct you to tackle an entire room or more all at once, and who has that kind time? This all-at-once approach also leads you to get rid of things you need, causing you to spend money needlessly on replacements.

A better approach is often to address one category of things at a time. When you pare down first, you have fewer items to address later, when you get really serious. A great place to start is to look at old items that you have already replaced. Since you probably use a computer, a tablet, and a smartphone, eliminating old-style technology is a good way to begin. 

You undoubtedly pay close attention when new tools are developed that can streamline and improve your web development/design workflow. Still, it’s a bit counterintuitive to build a clean, efficient website while sitting in a workspace that is cluttered by too much equipment. Here are some unnecessary devices that you may want to jettison right now. 

Multiple telephones

It never hurts to maintain two phone numbers for backup purposes, but old-style hard-wired landline phones often force you to place them where you don’t want them. A better choice is to replace them with multi-handset systems. Only one device needs to be plugged into a dedicated phone receptacle. The other phones can go anywhere you need them with standard electrical connections. Some brands are even compatible with each other. With a variety of features available from one brand to the next, you can have them all.

You might also consider paring down on smartphones. Now that the right apps let you retain phone number privacy when you use your personal phone for business, a single phone can address all of your needs.

Fax Machines

It’s hard to believe, but the need to send and receive faxes is not dead. Some industries require faxes regularly, while most people only need this ability occasionally. Either way, that doesn’t mean that you need to keep a fax machine nearby. Dedicated machines are bulky and require ink, paper, and maintenance. A better approach for the rare times when faxing is a necessity is to toss the old machine (unless you can find a buyer for it), and consider one of many online fax options

Perhaps the best part of online faxing is that you can do it from anywhere, as long as there is an internet connection. By all means, you can do it from your computer, but the technology is particularly helpful on portable devices, such as a tablet or smartphone.

External Hard Drives

Performing regular data backups remains a necessity, but an external drive is just another thing that takes up desk space. These devices fail eventually, can be susceptible to security risks, and they’re not typically compatible with all of your devices.  

Compared with external drives, a reputable Cloud-based backup service is safer, more reliable, and the Cloud can handle data from virtually any type of device — even those that haven’t been invented yet.

Massive Sound Systems

Image by TPHeinz from Pixabay

At one time, complex stereo systems were necessary to get the volume and tone needed to listen to your vinyl disk or CD music. Now, the same music on your phone requires little space while handling your music needs with great sound resolution, and you can take it anywhere. 

You may still need speakers, but your phone is also compatible with today’s wireless smart speakers, which will probably cook meals for you in the near future. Just as important, you don’t have to have an advanced degree in sound engineering to set it up.


Particularly before digital photography, old-style cameras were heavy and required space for multiple lenses, filters, and other attachments. With enough add-ons, it’s surprising that photographers didn’t topple over from the weight. Now your phone has it all. 

Few people even use stand-alone digital cameras anymore. Today’s smartphone cameras boast high resolution, zoom, and other features, as well. This kind of power makes the resulting images more than acceptable for most amateur photographers, but when you need something special — particularly for inclusion on your website — there are a number of easy ways to improve photos digitally.

Your Trash Might Become Another Person’s Treasure

Image by Lubos Houska from Pixabay

It’s natural to have concerns that your unneeded devices will add to overcrowded landfills and become a scourge on the environment. But, some others may be thrilled to gain from the items that you no longer need. In some cases, you might even gain a tax deduction by donating some rare pieces to a museum.

You can sell or donate your old devices guilt-free. Then enjoy your newly clear space, and take satisfaction from the number of things that you can do with a single device in your pocket!

Author: Spyre Studios

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