5 Mobile UX Trends To Implement In 2018 And Beyond

The use of mobile has far surpassed desktop usage. People spend more time on their phones than their desktops. In fact, most mobile users are spending more than 60 hours per month browsing on their phones. As designers, it’s critical that we optimize the mobile experience to the best of our abilities. Every year, there are new ideas and concepts like redesigning push notifications that are changing the way users interact with the digital content on their phones. If you want to stay up to date and relevant on the latest mobile UX trends in 2018, here are some of the best ways to improve your mobile user experience.

Create A Content Focused Experience

First and foremost, content focus continues to be prioritized in 2018 mobile UX trends. Previously, we have seen screens with too many options, features and distractions on each screen. Now, designers are removing all the clutter and prioritizing the most important information. Then, you can easily add other information on subsequent pages. This creates focus on taking a single action, minimizing noise and communicating clearly to users. Since this trend has proven to deliver increased engagement, we can expect this mobile UX trend to continue through 2018 and beyond.

Integrating Voice Commands With Mobile

Next, designers need to prepare for the new wave of voice assistants in mobile platforms. Many users are relying on voice enabled devices to perform commands on their phones. When users “talk” to their phones, there is no need to see the screen. Designers need to adjust to this growing trend and experiment with the possibilities of screens that change based on voice commands. For example, you will notice that certain apps integrate a speaker phone next to the hamburger menu design to accommodate for a direct voice command. Certainly, designers should continue to integrate voice commands into designs as much as possible for the future.

The Use Of Bright Single Colors

In addition to the emphasis of content and voice, bright colors are catching the attention of users. When you use intense contrasting colors, users are drawn to the aesthetics of the app. When combined with easy and straightforward content, you can expect these colors to boost engagement and overall user experience. The colors that promote positive energy and excitement can create a better experience to keep users coming back. Of course, any mobile UX trend that creates a positive or warm feeling in the minds of users is worth keeping around.

Improving Mobile Page Speeds

Adding to the fast paced environment of mobile user experience, many platforms are implementing user accelerated mobile pages (AMP). This technology allows mobile pages to load much faster regardless of the screen size. This helps you create a better experience for users as they access content, images and media much faster. Moreover, many media platforms can optimize their mobile user experience with AMP for wordpress, improving the user experience on mobile devices. Since so many media platforms rely on wordpress as a backend, you may want to consider jumping on this trend before your pages are too slow.

Embracing Motion Design Elements

Additionally, mobile UX trends are rising with GIFs. These animated images deliberately work to keep the users’ attention. Since the human mind is naturally sensitive to motion, the use of GIFs will continue to rise. You can embrace this trend by incorporating more motion design elements. These can be in the form of small animations or moving images. It helps capture users’ attention and keep it too. If you need to add a boost of engagement to a current UX interface, consider trying out some motion design elements.

Designers should take focus on mobile user experience like an independent media type. In fact, mobile is not being considered it’s own media type. Since so many people around the world are on their phones. It’s worth it to maximize the content you have for visitors by improve the overall user experience. Continue to prioritize content, taking away unnecessary elements or distractions. This will increase user engagement and conversions. Prepare for the next wave of mobile innovations by integrating voice commands into your designs. Then, grab users’ attention with bolder and brighter colors that make them feel good. Remember to optimize your pages for speed so they don’t spend any time waiting. Additionally, embrace motion design elements to capture users’ attention on screen. These mobile UX trends will create better engagement through 2018 and beyond.

Author: Spyrestudios Blogger

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