36 Open Source Twitter Bootstrap Code Snippets

We all love to save time on frontend web development – especially when you’re coding something every week! Twitter Bootstrap has provided an enormous framework to jump start any new web project. You can find plenty of Bootstrap examples all over the Internet with brilliant designs. But how should you get started coding with Bootstrap?

This gallery includes 36 free open source code snippets built on Twitter Bootstrap. Some are CSS-only layout styles while other codes include dynamic JavaScript. Either way you can build a powerful responsive interface without rewriting blocks of code from scratch. If you’ve never worked with Bootstrap in the past then I hope these free code snippets might pique your interest.

Responsive Parallax Navbar

responsive parallax navbar bootstrap twitter

Bootstrap 3 Layout

bs3 bootstrap layout css3 design

Moving Box Carousel

bootstrap moving box carousel css

BS3 CSS Form

bootstrap css3 form design open source

Responsive Gallery

responsive photo gallery web design layout

Bootstrap Timeline

bs3 bootstrap timeline open source

Responsive Quote Carousel

responsive quote carousel bootstrap open source code

Responsive Flat UI Kit

responsive flat buttons ui kit design bootstrap

Modal Windows

javascript bootstrap modal window snippet code

Nesting Columns

bootstrap nesting images columns open source

Bootstrap Mega Navigation

bs3 bootstrap mega navigation menu dropdown code

Pricing Tables

bs3 bootstrap pricing tables css open source

Design Agency Layout

web design agency layout codepen inspiration

Bootstrap Metro

windows metro style css bootstrap code

Tic-Tac-Toe Game

bootstrap game javascript tic tac toe

Tweaking Buttons

tweak bootstrap code buttons design ui

Tabbed Slider

tabbed carousel slider twitter bootstrap

Simple Invoice

simple invoice bootstrap css snippet

Form Label Animation

right form label animation open source code

Gmail Inbox

gmail inbox css open source layout code freebie

Expandable Panels

clickable heading panel bootstrap open source

Poll Design

poll form design ui interface open source

Bootstrap Icon Picker

bootstrap icon picker design ui open source

Form Wizard Steps

form wizard steps bootstrap css open source

Carousel Product Slider

bootstrap shopping cart ecommerce product slider

Parallax Login Form

parallax login form design bootstrap open source

Baseline Grid

baseline grid open source code bootstrap

Social Widget

social widget css bootstrap code sample

MyBoard User Profile

stats leaderboard profile css bootstrap free code

Instagram User Profile

instagram user profile css bootstrap free open source

Bootstrap Button Groups

free css updated bootstrap button groups

Dynamic Calendar

responsive bootstrap calendar day week month freebie

JavaScript Table Sorter

light javascript table sorter open source code

Address Book

css address book open source code bootstrap

Supa Ball Loading

supa ball loading twitter bootstrap code

Tabbed Login/Registration Form

tabbed bootstrap login register form interface

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