28 Free Open Source CSS3 Code Snippets

Web developers are constantly building awesome stuff and releasing the code online for free. Open source code allows other developers to recreate page elements without spending hours of time writing code again from scratch. This can range from website navigation to image sliders and even CSS dropdown menus.

As a developer myself I have learned a lot of techniques just from analyzing code snippets. This gallery is for every web developer who wants to implement some neat CSS tricks without reinventing the wheel. I’ve included a wide array of CSS3 code snippets like fixed menus, form inputs, icons, and so much more.

Multi-Step Form with Progress Bar

multistep form progress bar css

CSS3 Ribbon

css3 ribbon open source code freebie

Full CSS3 Loaders

rotating circle loaders in css3

Switch Buttons

basic switch button css3 open source

Sign Up Form

rainbow signup form css3 open source

CSS Shake

css transition keyframe shake code

Paper Login Form

stacked paper login form design

Social Navigation

vertical dropdown social icons navigation

Loading Bar

loading animated bar open source css3

Tabbed Charts

tabbed chart js css open source code

Scrolling Movie Credits

css3 animated scrolling movie credits

CSS3 Tags

css3 tag links open source code

CSS Flags

css3 flag square icons design

Corner Ribbons

css3 corner ribbon effect open source

CSS Slot Machine

rotating numbers dynamic slot machine code

Media Cases

video game dvd cd cover cases effect css3

SVG Icons

haml css3 svg icon code

CSS3 Loader Dots

Candy Text

typography candy text open source code

Pure CSS Canvas Menu

sliding side menu canvas effect tutorial

Weather Widget

css3 open source weather widget

YouTube Videos List

dynamic youtube video list css3 js

CSS3 Animation Styles

hover effects css3 animation open source

Toggle Buttons

css3 toggle buttons effect open source

Testimonails Slider

css3 testimonial quotes slider open source snippet

Animated Login Form

ui/ux animation css3 login form design

Glossy Gradient Button

gradient button gloss shine hover effect open source

CSS Flat Form UI Kit

flat form elements ui open source

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