21 Men’s Health Websites With Good Design

Men’s health websites are a great way to be inspired by and celebrate Father’s day. These websites could give you an idea of what to give your significant other and your dad for father’s day. The designs of these websites are also something to be inspired by. Even if most designs are simple, the topics discussed are surely enriching.

Health websites are too few to count, but most of them are designed greatly. Check them out here:

This website is very simple and lists down a lot of topics (usually hobbies) that men usually search on the internet. It is designed like a personal lifestyle blog that a lot of guys could relate to.

Stereotypes are damned, book clubs are not just for women. The copywriting in this website is really good, as it alludes to many popular film and book lines. The background is designed like it is a group for bikers – dudes riding Harley Big Bikes on the road. But, the book club is for everyone.

Statistics do show that men of different ethnicity suffer from different diseases differently. Some ethnicities are more prone but have low mortality to certain illnesses, while others are less prone but have high mortality. This is why it is important to have health websites that are specifically for men of certain ethnicities not only to know their risks but also to learn ways to take care of health.

Men’s mental health is a fairly new discussion because it has been a taboo topic for decades. Thankfully, there are great websites that cater to men’s needs in this department. The website design is pretty cool as it uses a lot of pinks and purples showing that even the website design does not conform to stereotypes.

This is a very simple WordPress website that has a straightforward concept and design. Content includes overall health, lifestyle, mental health, and more. It also touches upon government policies and news regarding men’s health, which is very rare on websites.

A blog for all men that discusses topics like art, culture, fitness, music, and more. Although it is purely catered to men, thus the title, the content is open for all readers as they are pretty interesting. However, most of the design is filled with “manly stuff” like cars, watches, and barbecues.

This website is for men who are suffering from illnesses and the goal is to help them (and the people that love them) cope. The topics focus on depression, chronic illness, stress, anger, and the like. The website is pretty simple with no frills designs, even the logo is uniquely minimalist. However, the content is really deep and rare.

This is a high-fashion website for men. The design of the website has very bold elements using mainly greys, browns, and blacks throughout. The sliders are also easy to navigate and great even for older men. The menu bar is also divided simply into a couple of topics that are usually searched for when it comes to men’s fashion.

Mr. Perfect is not the website we think it is, it is actually a support group for men who want to spend time with other men and find new friends. The concept is cool where there are free barbecues all over the country that anyone is allowed to join. It works as a support group but over a grill.

It is a website calendar of different events that men could go to find new friends and talk about their hobbies over great food and coffee.

Bearded and beardless men are invited to join this club. It is a group for beard enthusiasts and discusses topics like how to grow, take care, and maintain a beard. A very simple, yet straightforward, topic.

It is all about the suit. The relationship between a man and his suit is an important one.

A great lifestyle blog for men. This website talks about investments, fashion, health, and more.

This is also a fairly unique website as it focuses more on how men form relationships. It focuses on culture and ethics rather than fashion and style. The topics include men and the environment, marriage, families, attitudes, and more.

This website also has a podcast. It focuses on four categories – style, socials, skills, strength.

A good fashion blog for men, it is a great place to browse and buy clothes too.

Confidence is one of the main focuses of this website and it is pretty obvious with the content.

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