45 Amazingly Well-Designed Emoji Iconsets

Emoticons have a long history on the world wide web. They got started back in the day of chatrooms and AOL Instant Messenger but have since grown to all chat programs. Even smartphones have them in the form of emojis.

The purpose of an emoticon is to display an emotion or facial expression using a smiley face or a similar graphical design.

Emoticons and emojis often come in sets with a matching design style. The following gallery focuses on 45 examples of emoji iconsets that can be used for mobile apps or website layouts. Designers love to get creative with icon styles by adding extra features and textures when appropriate. Take a look over these examples to get ideas for your own emoticon sets.

Circle Smileys

cute yellow circle smiley


orange dinosaur emojo emoticons

Black Crows

black dark crow emoticons emoji

Mood Personas

mood persona smileys

Animated Smileys

cute yellow animated smiley icons


flat emoticons smiley icons sentoj

Devil Stickers

devil sticker smiley icons

Watermelon Emoji Set

watermelon green emoji set

Circle Set

colorful circle smileys

60 Glossy Emoticons

yellow glossy emoticons

Clean Emojis

emoji part 4 design


heyskull skeleton design iconset emoticons

Glossy Smilies

glossy smiley emoticons iconset


orange yellow icon set smilies

Flat Blue Smilies

thin line blue smiley icons

Voca Emoji Hands

hand signals voca emoji


bright stickers emoticons

SocialHub Smilies

smilies social app design

Hi Dribbble

hi dribbble pudgy smiley

Flat Emojis

flat thin line icons smiley


halloween mask icon smilies

Tiny Food Characters

tiny food character smilies

Goofy Faces

goofy faces smilies yellow

Green Monsters

green monster emoji iconset

Baby Chicks

baby chicks chickens icons

Handdrawn Emojis

hand drawn sketch emoji

Drama Fever

red drama fever love icons


eip emoji iconset

FIFA World Cup

fifa world cup emoticons

Translucent Smilies

thin flat translucent colorful smiley

Rounded Icons

iconset emojis cute faces

Big Faces

emoticons big circle faces


flat iconset emoticons flatilicious


Monkey Icons

Blue People

Finger Shapes

Heart Emojis



Hand Drawn

Discord Emoji


Orange Fruit


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This post was originally published in March 2015; updated June 2021

Author: Jake Rocheleau

Jake is a creative designer, illustrator, and web developer. He frequently writes articles involving new-age design concepts and freelance management skills. You can find him in Google or follow his tweets @jakerocheleau

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