10 New Yet Free WordPress Plugins

WordPress plugins are quite a useful commodity as they allow designers and developers to bring in some additional functionality into their website or blog. WordPress plugins are specially popular in designing community because of their widespread variety and easy availability. In this post, we are also presenting a fresh collection of 10 new and free to use WordPress plugins for you. With these free plugins, you can easily extend your website functionality by adding some useful features.

With this collection, we are showcasing a fresh assortment of some free and fresh WordPress plugins for you so that you can download them and simplify your work process. Resources such as WordPress plugins are meant to expedite your work flow by allowing you carry out certain actions quickly thus helping you to improve your productivity as well.


A small WordPress plugin allows you to automatically change the wallpaper(morning,evening) according to server daytime.


Webinfos allows to admins to show a customisable message in the dashboard.

Posts For All Pages

Allows to distribute posts on different pages by means of categories.

Social Icon Widget

The icons will show in the front end when you add your link in the widget, other wise the incon will not show in your website front end. This is an amazing option for a website That unused social icons will not show in the front end. Only the linked icons will show in the front end.

Universal Icons

Universal Icons let you insert Icons easily Before and After Widgets Title.

Bigboss all in one facebook social widget

Bigboss all in one facebook social widget plugin allow you to add Facebook follow me button , showing facebook like box,

UTM Switcher

The UTM Switcher is a powerful tool to help you track where your site visitors are coming from.


Simple shortcode to quickly add links to Wikipedia.

Hosted Content Importer (HCI)

Embeds a remotely hosted content. Contributors can edit a tiny piece of your blog text externally, without having ANY access to your website.


Reclaim lost ad revenue by forcing users to pay 1 cent per page view to keep their adblocker or remove their adblocker.

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