Tips to Protect Your Brand Online

If you are just starting a business or have been running one for a while, you will realize that knowing how to protect your brand online is very important.

Huge corporations have continued to use their competitors tools and designs, largely because, that’s what works. As a result, what works becomes public and everyone has to use it, even without referring to the original author or creator. A good example for this would be AOL who plagiarized or rather borrowed everything to do with design from Yahoo. Whereas one would like to point fingers or accuse AOL for plagiarism, that’s what made yahoo realize they set the mark. They inspired growth, although by that point alone, AOL cannot claim to have done much.

Whether you borrow or plagiarize an idea to develop yours or not, there is a fine line that states wrong doing because, there is nothing original if any in the world today. However, this is no blanket right to use people’s work without giving credit. Moreover, because best practices in society don’t respect you if you copy everything that is not your original idea, in as much and in as many circumstances as possible, give credit to the originator of your works by citing them as reference or by asking for their permission before using their work as your own.

Branding Strategy

To help you do this, you can apply different methods towards your business’ online brand development and protection. This article is going to be your blueprint on how to do this effectively.

#Checking your business name

One of the biggest brand tools is your business name. Concerning online brand protection, you should conduct a free search from your business name online to see what it’s associated with online. The benefits of searching for your brand name online are many. First, searching ensures that your business name is not already taken by another entity and it enables you to determine how reputable or visible your brand is to trigger action either to amplify, correct or protect it.

#Plagiarism check

When it comes to protecting your brand online, the message you pass online through your website is equally important. There are many things you can do to ensure that your business is protected. Plagiarism checker allows you to ensure that scrappers and competitors do not steal your message, especially content you create. If your content is stolen, you can address these fears with different methods to ensure that your content is protected, including, reporting to Google, site hosts, etc. This makes sure you gain from the benefits of unique offers to your customers and firm message, which are crucial branding elements.

#Have a business LLC

The LLC is one of the most important things you can create for your brand online. For instance, you can use it before registering for your trademark. As a result, every time someone looks for your trademark online, they will find it under your LLC. This is a strong way to build a robust brand online.

#Registering trademark

The registration of trademarks is a detailed process and sometimes, costs money. However, when your business has a trademark, to ensure it’s totally protected, always remember to have it registered. When you have a trademark that is protected by law, you make it hard for other competitors who may infringe on such rights.

#Get national protection

When it comes to brand protection, never aim for local, expand and get national protection under your LLC. Having broader protection is a guarantee that national laws protect everything national.

#Get international protection

The world is a global village and businesses now operate without country or city boundaries. If you are eyeing your business on the international level, you can get immense benefits from getting protection beyond your local borders. In most cases, this ensures that your brand is totally protected from infringers.

#Get federal protection

The federal government is at the forefront of most business-protection initiatives. You can take advantage and protect your brand online with assistance of the Federal US Patent and Trademark Office. This is national protection for US citizens but works perfect to brand protection.


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