What’s happening in UX in 2020 — and more design links this week

The State of UX 2020

We have seen a lot this year. After curating and sharing 2,411 links, we have identified a few of the trends our industry has been writing, talking, and thinking about.

Our annual trends report is a holistic analysis of UX Design as a discipline: the tools we use, the methods we apply every day, how we collaborate with one another, the career challenges we face, and how our community can make an impact on the world around us — one that we, consciously or not, have helped to design.

The landscape is now somewhat different. While last year we the design community reflected on how the experiences we create can impact the world (from enabling tech addiction to influencing democratic elections), this year’s report carries a more positive outlook: 2020 is the year of pragmatic optimism. It is the year for designers to conscientiously improve not only the digital products people use every day, but also our companies and our industry.

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