Uber Eats: An Experience

Kunal, 28, Average physique, a software engineer working in Bangalore. Who had a rough week, enters the weekend, in his bed orders his beloved food that he thought of eating over weekdays. But didn’t because of his big fluffy tummy. He decides to smash it now. This poor guy has only one good night out of his rough week. Now, think the edge of Kunal’s need. If a product delivers an experience and meets user need would you write and spread words? Yes, there are plenty of issues out there. Being a UX’er I found grey areas, that’s not the point.

I’m writing this, oh! not with a big fluffy tummy like Kunal’s but with post-experience syndrome. I wondered what made Uber Eats stand out from the crowd. Though they have “+” and “-” still manages the product to talk. Yes, A conversationalist. When a copy is not a copy alone and a copy ignites a conversation, it’s magic. Copy is also a part of an experience.

“If you control the flow of information. You can control the conversation around important issues. If you can control the conversation, you can change this country.”

Said that an experience is you remember for a long time. Here is what I remembered and I broke down the core experience. You can read the story of of building Uber Eats.

So, for tonight’s show, we gonna watch Uber Eats flow of a task like “Order, Search, & Schedule. Let the show begin.

There are millions of customer issues out in online world. I mean some are hot frustrated with the experience. Goddamn it they go, words you never want to hear back from customers. Doh, that’s sticky and gross. Why issues is less in Uber eats? Less? Comparatively less in market. Talking about flow and seamless experience of product design.

Let me tell you a quick psychology. You give three different things to a kid to pick and play, he goes blank and blink or he chooses all to play. Because of the cognitive load. Limit the options, kid starts to learn and expand his thinking system. Uhhh and the rest is history. You know I always miss those days of being goddamn kid. But struck in Trump universe. Anyways the point is Make it simple for users. Now a days simple is exploited in the name of Steve Jobs like “Yeah, add more white space.” that’s Zen and simple. Halfwit stays halfwit, no matter how hard you try. Uber knows what is simple and how to make it simpler.

Now Kunal took 02:46 mins to order. Set, select, count, pay & order.

Search: What’s your experience with search in Uber Eats? I like it because it gets the job done. Search is a Crown, The Man, The Darling of the product. A search should deliver information what user’s are looking.

Said that, UE has no filter options. Yeah, How do you filter a food? Cuisines, Restaurants, etc..Complicated as Kunal’s week. To simplify, one has to GOOB(Get out of the building.) and talk to users. The moment you hit search icon in the bottom of the screen. Yes, there is a dedicated space for search unlike a global search. They don’t want users to do the job which is search. Rather the product takes a step forward and gives filtered options along with search. That’s how you win a customer.

See > Scroll > Choose > order.

Schedule: Mick 36, Grey hair, reasonable fit, works as Head of Marketing in a big brand. Now Mick is dead serious about time. He needs to get the food delivered at his choice of time before he enters a meeting. Mick finds Uber eats and stays as a customer forever. Why? When you give what a user need, rest is history.

Bring the customers to the product and deliver a delight. Not with only design or content or marketing or discount or promo or even worst is sales.

I’ve been looking at the iPod- the Apple iPod. One of the interesting things about the iPod, people love most about it is not the technology; it’s the box it comes in.
– Donald Norman

Uber: Hi Alankar, your writing is good and we will pay you to write more about us.
Alankar: Oh sure, why not? By the way make sure it is double the last time.
Uber: We are giving you the best as your words.
Alankar: I’m grateful.

— Bullshit — . Neither Uber or Alankar going to be a part of above scenario. But, one day as a UX’er I will be in Uber’s UX team.

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