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“This book is incredibly popular, so I guess this article won’t be. But let me tell you why, after reading this book, not once, but twice, I’m shocked it’s still appearing in (almost) every designer’s reading list. Here’s the story of a book that didn’t age well.”

Why designers should remove Hooked from their reading list
By Rubens Cantuni

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Editors’ picks

The New Normal: how the Covid-19 pandemic is shaping our shopping searches.

Make me think

  • Stop brainstorming
    “Brainstorming is bad. At its best, a brainstorming group comes up with the same ideas as the group’s members would when working alone; at its worst, it perpetuates negative cultural habits, reinforces hierarchies, stunts productivity, and severely limits creativity.”
  • The last design you’ll ever make
    “Designers were brought up to design from cradle to grave. Our new challenge is to postpone that grave as long as we can. How can we design the last product our customers will ever need buy?”
  • Why don’t developers take accessibility seriously?
    “It feels bad to find out that not only are you not good at the thing you thought you were really good at doing, but you’ve also been saying, “Screw you, who cares about you anyway,” to a whole bunch of people who can’t use the websites you’ve helped build because you (accidentally or otherwise) ignored that they even existed.”

Little gems this week

How returning to the craft taught me to be a better leader
By Aly Blenkin

Emerging design patterns: How digital interactions define social ones
By Vivek Menon

iPhone’s focus features and Hick’s law: a context-first approach
By Michael Kritsch

Tools and resources

  • MenubarX
    A powerful Mac OS menu bar browser.
  • Shapefest
    A massive library of free 3D shapes.
  • Typography tips
    7 powerful tips to improve your typography skills.
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