Hidden privilege in design — and more UX links this week

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By Hareem Mannan.

“Did you get anyone else’s insight on this project? Was it just you all? Have you considered how that might be limiting at all?”

I felt the question permeating through every fiber of my being, reverberating in my mind until it was the only thought I had. I was relieved for about three seconds that someone asked this question, before I realized that person was me. Six white faces turned to look at me inquisitively. One woman who looked extra offended spoke next.

Some context — this team of 6 all white designers was working to solve one of the most significant challenges of our era: redesigning the online immigration system, AKA the process with which people applied to become citizens of the United States, AKA a vitally important process that can singlehandedly skew one’s ability to be successful in this world.

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