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“We live in a hyper-connected world where things don’t seem to have happened unless you post about them. An emotion hardly seems validated until it’s been shared with others online.

On average, we spend a quarter of our lives online. For people we never met in person, all they know about us is our digital self formed from our data spread out across the internet. Our online activity creates a peculiar portrait of ourselves that will unavoidably long last our lifespan.

So with life being lived increasing online, how is it that we have thought so little about our digital death?”

Dying to be online
By Isra Safawi

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This synthesizer translates music into AI-generated imagery →


  • Front End Web Designer/Developer @ Digital Scholar
    This opportunity allows the candidate to work with several dedicated open-source teams on established projects and to be part of the germination of new projects. The work is challenging, but we’re committed to building teams that honor individual expertise in the service of productive collaboration.

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Uber’s showcase at Figma’s event will automate design even more →

Make me think

  • Craft: thoughts on elevating product quality
    “I want someone to use something I’ve created and feel that was intentional. That it not only had their exact needs in mind but went beyond to care about the details and have personality. This is a post about well-made, high-quality products and why shipping quality is hard.”
  • Vehicles of extraction
    “As the fossil fuel industry that powers our vehicles is responsible for environmental catastrophes, it becomes clear that we should rethink our dependence on the personal vehicle and our decision to build our communities in ways that force people to drive.”
  • Inside Framer’s magic motion
    “My favorite part about Framer Motion by far is its magical layout animations — slap on the layout prop to any motion component, and watch as that component seamlessly transitions from one part of the page to the next.”

Little gems this week

Visual design: breaking into the fourth dimension of UX
By Kylie Ho

Mid (user) journey: the UX of AI-generated art
By Kristopher Saber

The heuristics of neurodesign
By Andrés Zapata

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