25 Creative HTML5 Powered Website Designs

Thanks to HTML5 that brings amazing improvements to the web market with its functionality. According to World Wide Web Consortium, HTML5 is in its beginning stages and going to reach at its “Recommendation” stage in the upcoming years. Regardless of this there are many experienced developers taking advantages of HTML5 and building the most remarkable websites. A slew of latest features consist in HTML5 that makes web designer more excited. One of the most likeable things about HTML5 is it comes with media features and elements like audio, video canvas, etc. that helps in integrating media components into site without using any proprietary software.
Here, we have listed some of the well-appreciated HTML5 powered website designs that could get you motivation while you are developing site.

Four Rooms

html5 websiteVisit Four Rooms


2.html5 websiteVisit Inze.It


3.html5 websiteVisit Agenziatecnodue


4.html5 websiteVisit Dropr

Slavery Footprints

5.html5 websiteVisit Slavery Footprints

The Amazing Spiderman

6.html5 websiteVisit The Amazing Spiderman


7.html5 websiteVisit Warchild

Kev Adamson

8.html5 websiteVisit Kev Adamson

John Kavanagh

9.html5 websiteVisit John Kavanagh


10.html5 websiteVisit Divups

Coming Soon

11.html5 websiteVisit Coming Soon


12.html5 websiteVisit enixel

Ben The Bodyguard

13.html5 websiteVisit Ben

Link To See Website:

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14.html5 websiteVisit Ben The Bodyguard


15.html5 websiteVisit Webpop

Parliament Design

16.html5 websiteVisit Parliament Design

Ngen Works

17.html5 websiteVisit ngen works


18.html5 websiteVisit Rainypixels

Wing Cheng

19.html5 websiteVisit Wing Cheng


20.html5 websiteVisit DotFusion


21.html5 websiteVisit Swwweet

Angry Birds Space

22.html5 websiteVisit Angry Birds Space


23.html5 websiteVisit bigbitecreative


24.html5 websiteVisit TheBorsky


25.html5 websiteVisit Axvisual


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