What Are Web Designers Best Sources For Inspiration?

What Are Web Designers Best Sources For Inspiration?

If inspiration is as easy as drinking a cup of coffee or you can easily find inspiration in a cup of coffee, then a web designer’s life is a breeze. However, like their art and all the codes that go with it, there are times when inspiration seems hard to come by. So where do you get inspiration as a web designer?

Well, you still need your shot of espresso and dive into this dilemma with us for this #EspressoMonday episode. Who knows? Coffee might just be what you really need…and this video, of course.

Artists, no matter what medium they specialize in, need inspiration. These two always go together and an artist who doesn’t need inspiration isn’t an artist at all.

Inspiration plays a very vital role for an artist in order to create his or her masterpiece. The inspiration might come from an experience, an object, or a person, it doesn’t really matter. What matters is that it spurs the artist to go on making something complicated look easy and simple.

Unfortunately, inspiration can’ t be found on trees. With the exception of Newton, of course, who was inspired what made the apple fell on the ground, thus discovering gravity.

The process is also not as simple as squeezing the juice from coffee beans and producing a little cupful of aromatic espresso. Inspiration, for web designers, are simply complicated. Or is it?

You Don’t Need to Squeeze the Juice

Inspiration can be quite tricky for a web designer because what works for you won’t most probably work for me and vice versa. At least, that’s what web designers often think. However, Austin Kleon, an artist and New York Times bestselling author, thinks differently. In his book, Steal Like an Artist, he said that “all creative work is iterative, no idea is original and all creators and their output are a sum of inspirations and heroes.”

So in this #EspressoMonday episode, we present you different websites where you can draw not only inspiration from, but get a lot of ideas from for your next project.

1. Site Inspire

SiteInspire ( siteinspire.com )


2. Awwards

Awwwards ( awwwards.com )


3. Favorite Website Awards


Favorite Website Awards ( thefwa.com )


 4. WebInspiration.Gallery


WebInspiration.Gallery ( webinspiration.gallery )


 5. 8 Gram Gorilla


8 Gram Gorilla ( 8gramgorilla.com )


6. Chrome Experiments


Chrome Experiments ( chromeexperiments.com )


 7. Very Nice Sites


Very Nice Sites ( verynicesites.com )


8. HTML Inspiration


HTML Inspiration ( htmlinspiration.com )


 9. Nice One I Like


Nice One I Like ( niceoneilike.com )


 10. Admire the Web


Admire the Web ( admiretheweb.com )


 11. CSS Winner


CSS Winner ( csswinner.com )


 12. Unmatched Style


Unmatched Style ( unmatchedstyle.com )


 13. Style Boost


Style Boost ( styleboost.com )


 14. BestWebsite.Gallery


Best Website Gallery ( bestwebsite.gallery )


 15. Design Fridge


Design Fridge ( designfridge.co.uk )




CSS DSGN ( cssdsgn.com )


 17. One Page Love


One Page Love ( onepagelove.com )


18. Siiimple


Siiimple ( siiimple.com )


 19. The Best Designs


The Best Designs ( thebestdesigns.com )


 20. Web Creme


Web Creme ( webcreme.com )


Hope you are able to find these websites a source of inspiration that will spur you to create websites that not only please the eye, but also meet the needs of your clients.

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