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Hi there, today we want to talk about something that turns to be good news for all web masters out there. Themeshock has released an enormous bundle of free themes. and we took some time to review them and tell you what is so good about this bundle. We will tell you about its growing process. And their features, because they have some special features that  separate them from the rest of free themes out there.

For the WordPress universe that seems to be growing every day more and more, our friends at WordPress Themes Shock have released a bundle of several great quality themes for free. These themes are directed to all kind of content type websites such as portfolio, with wide content boxes to show in a prominent way your graphic and artistic work. Blog and magazine, with cool layouts and widget boxes, perfect for advertising and content displaying. Landing pages have also his part with complete page post boxes and cool fonts to attract potential customers. E-commerce, and company and business sites can also show their products and services with fantastic grid layouts. All of them can find the perfect theme for their business.

Each one of the themes at its own style, come with excellent realistic details that as a whole, enforce the main idea of the theme. You will see that there are themes very colorful and vivid, and other with a minimal appearance, because minimal is really demanded in these days. You will see original designs in patterns, backgrounds, menus, boxes, ribbons, shadows, and many more.

Why are we sure that you can find the perfect theme?. One would think that free themes do not count with the cool features that premium themes bring, and most of the times one is correct. But in this case, the themes count with some amazing features proper of the best premium themes, which we will review right now:

3 themes added every month

The Themeshock partners’ commitment is to deliver to you 3 new themes monthly to contribute to the growing of this amazing bundle. They have been fulfilling this commitment since the beginning, and by now we can count more than 250 themes on their stock.

Ability to choose from 4 different sliders or no slider

All Themes count with 4 integrated sliders, Including the spectacular Nivo Slider, and other 3 with their cool particular effects Accordion slider, Piecemaker Slider. And

All the themes are fully responsive

Responsivity is a must, but only a few themes out there comply with this. While other themes can adapt to certain screen resolutions, ours can adapt to any screen size (adaptable to any device, ipad, iphone, android) while looking great.

Bootstrap ready themes

Menus, dropdowns, sliders, galleries, buttons, tooltips, notifications, lightboxes, toggle menus, tabbed content, and more are at hand as the themes are Bootstrap ready to start creating those simple but amazingly beautiful interfaces that made twitter so friendly and therefore, famous and demanded.

Unlimited layouts with an integrated layout generator

Themes can edited with unlimited widget areas in top, bottom and lateral areas. Per page basis. Meaning that you can transform the theme according to your business needs. That is something you usually do not find. Other free themes come with other 2 or 3 layouts.

Internationalized themes

Due to the increased demand of these all across the world, Themes come in 5 of the most important languages: Spanish, English, French, German and  Portuguese. that activate automatically taking your dashboard settings, and easily changeable through this one.

Change any design aspect of these themes

We said you are able to change layout as you want and also create GUI elements with bootstrap. That is cool enough. however, you will find that these themes are available for design edition in real time. Menus, boxes, fonts, layout positions, buttons, colors, patterns, backgrounds, and even the option to upload your own designs to create the perfect theme and download it the first time for free. All of this with the great theme generator

Permanent updates

Since all themes (free and premium) are worked and improved under the same framework, all themes work with latest WordPress version, which is amazing, because the bundle will always be up to date. That means excellent service.

But wait, there’s more!

As if these all were not enough to make the best bundle, other features that you will find with Themeshock themes are:

  • Source files included,
  • full documentation.
  • Working contact form with validations and captcha.
  • HTML/CSS version available.

Feel free to go to the page and take a look to this amazing bundle with no commitments. We are sure you will enjoy making your WordPress installation have a new refreshed look. Thanks for reading. This is the most amazing themes bundle.

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