Top 10 Best Free WordPress Themes from November 2015

Fresh free WordPress themes raise the blood pressure of any user of the world’s most popular CMS. Content feels to be delivered much better from a new design. Let’s not deny it, choosing a new WordPress theme is like choosing a new lover – lots of emotion involved. That’s why we bring you the best free WordPress themes in a monthly roundup. All of the following themes are free and responsive on any screen. Need we still mention that?


1 – WPGumby

Free WordPress Themes: WPGumby WordPress-Theme

WpGumby is a theme in modern flat design and is suitable for multiple purposes. With 13 page templates, five widget areas and four template layouts WpGumby delivers a solid foundation for blogs, portfolios and even online shops as it is prepared to work flawlessly with WooCommerce.

2 – SKT BeFit

Free WordPress Themes: BeFit Theme

BeFit has been developed for the fitness industry but is as well usable for other purposes. Think of photography, businesses, personal websites, just about any topic desired to be presented in a dark layout will fit.

3 – WpF Flaty

Free WordPress Themes: WpF Flaty

As you might have guessed from its name, WpF Flaty also sports the flat design approach. This one would be great for blogs and portfolios. It comes with two sidebars and a template without sidebars as well as different coloring.

4 – Novellite

Free WordPress Themes: Novellite

Novellite is a simple, yet attractive theme for a lot of use cases, among them businesses and portfolios. It can easily be configured through a Theme Options area in the backend. You can change the logo, the background and more.

5 – Photo Perfect

Free WordPress Themes: Photo Perfect

Photo Perfect is a dedicated theme for photographers and photobloggers as it has been developed with images in mind. Backgrounds and color schemes can be changed. Unfortunately, Exif is not what this theme is able to read. Seems to be not that perfect after all, but still a very attractive option.

6 – SKT Girlie

Free WordPress Themes: Girlie

SKT Girlie focuses female bloggers. This does not block out male users, however. Each man that wants to please the girlie in him is welcome to use it, too. Girlie is open for all possible use cases but explicitly recommendable for online shops as it comes prepared for WooCommerce.

7 – Resi

Free WordPress Themes: Resi

Resi is the last theme any minimalist needs. Its strength lies in the presentation of images which makes it a valid choice for photographers and photo bloggers. Customize the backgrounds and the color scheme as you see fit.

8 – Colinear

Free WordPress Themes: Colinear

Colinear is made by Automattic, the inventors of WordPress. That always comes with the promise of great code, perfect compatibility and proper utilization of the internal powers of the WordPress core. Colinear is a pure blogging theme and comes with two sidebars. Throw in your own backgrounds, colors, and headers to customize it.

9 – fYeah

Free WordPress Themes: FYeah

fYeah is another classic blogging theme, inspired by Tumblr. It supports all the different post formats, comes with an exchangeable logo, individual backgrounds and lets you customize colors as well as add your own fonts.

10 – Hitchcock

Free WordPress Themes: Hitchcock

Hitchcock is a theme for designers, photographers and just about any other creative worker out there. The only prerequisite needed is your wish to present your work in an elegant and clean way. Hitchcock likes social media, lets you change accentuation colors, is prepared for Jetpack’s Infinite Scroll and doesn’t prevent you from changing backgrounds and headers.

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