38 Unique Musical Websites for Bands and Musicians

Musicians and artists often struggle to come up with their own unique website idea. It is difficult because there are not many standards for building a music website. Often these are more free of the typical rules in web design, which allows artists to break outside the mold of normal website trends. This leaves room for lots of innovation and new unique ideas related to website interface design.
In this showcase I want to offer a series of 38 musical-based website layouts. These range from performers to bands, composers, writers, and many other concepts as well. The music industry is a tight-knit group who often share many of the same sentiments. I think it is an underrated area of web design which deserves a lot more attention.

Sacramento Music Festival

california sacramento california music festival website


Red Hot Chili Peppers

music band rhcp website hard rock roll

Jono Buchanan

personal music website blog musician layout

Denton Juneteenth

juneteeth website layout ointerface musician inspiration

Vladimir Chmelo

composer artist musician website layout design

Chichester Music Academy

chichester music academy website musicians layout

Gary Nock

musicians musics inspiration layouts websites

Evan McHugh

composer artist band website layout inspiration

Sou Feliz

sou feliz website interface webdev musicians

Suie Paparude

sui paparude website interface layouts webdesign

Guns N Roses

guns n roses website musicians band rock n roll


band website layout photography backgrounds routalempimusic

Osborne Drums

osborne drums company sales ecommerce musician layout


musician website composer website artists

Sugar Shack Records

production company website music records

David Wise

David Wise Musician Composer Donkey Kong Country OST

We Want ZedBazi

we want zedbazi music website layout inspiration

Sasquatch Festival

2013 musical website layout festival inspiration


classy website layout inspiration webdesign

Jimi Hendrix

Jimi Hendrix musician website layout inspiring webdesign

Christopher Young

chris young music composer website layout


givers band website musical layout design


leeland band musical website layout interface

Francesca Battistelli

francesco musician composer website layout


siberia website musical lights inspiration

The Devious Means

the devious means website layout

Southbound Festival

southbound website music festival layout

Neutral Milk Hotel

musical talents website milk hotels band

Ablerta Strige Krizevci

Ablerta Strige Krizevci musical website layout inspiration

Marina & the Diamonds

marina the diamonds inspiration music layout

Papa Roach

music band website paparoach musical

Joe Locke

composer musician website layout interface


Japan 8tracks website musical website interface

Bear McCreary

bear mccreary website layout inspiration designs

Doug McKenzie Jazz Piano

piano jazz player website layout designs inspiration

George Shaw

george shaw music website composer layout

Admad Jamal

ahmad pianist musical player musician interface

Eric Whitacre

whitacre composer musician website inspiration musical layout


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