A Showcase of Beautifully Designed Websites for Magazines

With sales of print magazines consistently falling year-on-year, many publications have turned to the internet, creating online offerings of their existing titles. This growing trend for online publications has also seen many new titles launch via the internet. However, bringing a magazine to life online is not always an easy job for web designers. Replicating the look and feel of a real-life magazine on a website can be difficult, especially with such large volumes of content needing to be featured.

Consumers enjoy the magazine format because it allows them to indulge in an easy-to-digest reading experience, no matter what time they have. They can flick through to the features and sections that they want to read at that time and can come back to the magazine to read more at their leisure. A user of an online magazine will expect a very similar experience to this. They want to be able to jump online when they have a moment and be able to easily access the features they want to read. At the same time, the reader will expect this engaging content to be championed by beautiful, eye-catching designs, portraying an identity that appeals to the target audience.

Showcased here is a selection of some of the most beautifully designed websites for magazines. They are the perfect examples of how to bring a magazine to life online, each displaying a large amount of content without compromising on usability or style.



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