ZeroSSL Offers Free, Easy-To-Use SSL Certificates

Having a secure website is one of the best ways to establish consumer trust. When users see that padlock icon in their web browser’s address bar, they can breathe a bit easier when inputting personal and financial information.

That’s why encrypting data transfer via an SSL certificate is so important. For users, it brings peace of mind. For website owners, it helps to build a solid reputation. It’s now a must-have feature for every site.

ZeroSSL aims to make the web a more secure place. That’s why they’re offering free SSL certificates that can be up and running in as little as 5 minutes. Certificates are validated in seconds and have the ability to be automatically renewed.

It’s everything you love about free SSL certificates, but without the hassle!

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Fast, Reliable and Free SSL Certificates for Every Website

ZeroSSL isn’t the only free SSL certificate option out there. For example, Let’s Encrypt is a popular choice. But it does offer several features that make it stand out:

Get Unlimited 90-Day Certificates for Free; 1-Year, Multi-Domain and Wildcard Options Available

When it comes to security, there are a number of different project requirements. That’s why ZeroSSL offers a variety of SSL certificate options to meet every need.

If you’re looking to quickly secure your website at no cost, their free plan allows you to register an unlimited number of certificates with a 90-day renewal term. Choose from single domain, multi-domain or wildcard options.

Need more? You can also get 1-year certificates as part of affordable monthly or yearly plans. These plans also include perks such as REST-API access and technical support.

Easy to Use

The process for securing your website with ZeroSSL is simple. Use their online tool to select your domain, generate your CSR and validate your domain in a single step. From there, install your certificate and you’re good to go!

In addition, you’ll also gain access to a fully-featured SSL management console. You can use it to manage every aspect of your certificates in one convenient place.

ZeroSSL Management Console

Automate Tasks with AMCE and the ZeroSSL REST API

Put your SSL management on autopilot and relax. ZeroSSL offers a simple and powerful REST API and ACME integrations that automate a number of common tasks. In fact, anything you can do manually in the SSL management console can be automated using ACME or the REST API.

ACME Integrations
ZeroSSL comes with a dedicated ACME Certbot, which enables you to order and renew certificates in a fully-automated way. The service also works with all major third-party ACME integrations as well. Either way, it’s completely free to use.

Already a Let’s Encrypt user? You’ll also be able to use ZeroSSL’s ACME Certbot to renew your existing certificates!

The Zero SSL REST API offers a straightforward solution to automating certificate management. This well-documented API lets you create, renew and validate your certificates. It also includes automated status webhooks that help to ensure everything is running smoothly.

ACME Automation and SSL REST API

One-Step Domain Validation

Unlike Let’s Encrypt, ZeroSSL provides you with the ability to validate domain ownership via email. This greatly improves both the speed and efficiency of issuing certificates. Other validation methods include CNAME and HTTP file upload.

A Certificate Authority

ZeroSSL will be listed as the official certificate authority for any and all certificates you purchase through them. And, it’s a name you and your visitors can trust. ZeroSSL certificates are used by thousands of companies worldwide and are supported by 99.9% of servers, browsers and platforms.

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A Better Way to Do Free SSL

ZeroSSL has become the better alternative for SSL certificates. They offer powerful features and unparalleled flexibility on a platform that has been built with developers in mind. Manage your certificates manually or with total automation, thanks to ACME integrations and a REST API.

The system is scalable, secure and incredibly easy to use. Sign up for your free SSL certificate, then validate and install it within mere minutes.

Plus, ZeroSSL offers more robust products such as multi-domain and wildcard certificates – both of which are included in the free plan. And, with an affordable monthly or yearly plan, you can get certificates on a 1-year renewal term along with access to the REST API.

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up with ZeroSSL and get your free SSL certificates today!

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