20 Popular jQuery Plugins That You Can Configure Without Any Coding

In this post, I have collected some popular jQuery plugins that can be configured in less than a minute! Really. They can be easily implemented by selecting the plugin options that you need by using my easy-to-use Bitconfig user interface. 

So, what is Bitconfig and how can it help configure jQuery plugins?

Bitconfig is a live edit and implementation system for jQuery plugins. You can actually play with the plugin settings and watch the live demo. In a way, you are tweeking the plugin functionality as per your need without coding. You can also save your configuration changes and share your implementation as a prototype with other developers. Once you are happy with your prototype, just grab the HTML and JS code snippets and you are good to go!

It might be a little early to say this, but yes, documentation can become old school!

Check out the popular jQuery plugins below and click on the ‘Bitconfig Live Edit’ button to see how easy it is to use:


Datatables jquery plugins javascript Bitconfig

Datatables is the best plugin for creating high configuration HTML tables. It is based upon the foundations of progressive enhancement and comes with many advanced functionalities and loads of customizable features. Highly recommended!

Datatables →Bitconfig Live Edit →


Chosenjquery plugins javascript Bitconfig

The Chosen plugin makes your select boxes user friendly and beautiful.

Chosen →Bitconfig Live Edit →


Lettering jquery plugins javascript Bitconfig

Lettering gives you complete control over individual letters for some truly radical web typography.

Lettering →Bitconfig Live Edit →


Spin jquery plugins javascript Bitconfig

Spin.js is a highly customizable and light-weight CSS3 animated spinner loader for your web pages. It comes with VML fallback for IE. Worth a shot.

Spin →Bitconfig Live Edit →

Syntax Highlighter

Syntax Highlighter jquery plugins javascript Bitconfig

And of course, Syntax Highlighter from Alex Gorbatchev, the ultra-popular and by far the best best syntax highlighter available.

Syntax Highlighter →Bitconfig Live Edit →

Nivo Slider

Nivo Slider jquery plugins javascript Bitconfig

They claim to be – “world renowned as the most beautiful and easy to use image slider on the market”. Well worth checking out…

Nivo Slider →Bitconfig Live Edit →


qTip2 jquery plugins javascript Bitconfig

qTip2 is my personal favorite tooltip plugin – amazing, compact, customizable, beautiful… I can still go on…

qTip2 →Bitconfig Live Edit →


Pickadate jquery plugins javascript Bitconfig

Pickadate is a lightweight and responsive date-picker plugin.

Pickadate →Bitconfig Live Edit →


Lifestream jquery plugins javascript Bitconfig

Lifestream is a superb plugin for creating ‘a stream of your online activity’.

Lifestream →Bitconfig Live Edit →

jQuery UI Slider

jQuery UI Slider plugins javascript Bitconfig

This is a range slider plugin from the official jQuery site itself!

jQuery UI Slider →Bitconfig Live Edit →


Motion Captcha jquery plugins javascript Bitconfig

Creativity at its best – MotionCAPTCHA is a jQuery CAPTCHA plugin that requires users to sketch the shape they see in the canvas in order to submit a form. Also works on mobile devices. Check it out!

Motion Captcha →Bitconfig Live Edit →


Noty jquery plugins javascript Bitconfig

Noty makes it easy to create alert, success, error, warning, information & confirmation messages as an alternative to the standard alert dialog.

Noty →Bitconfig Live Edit →


Chart.js jquery plugins javascript Bitconfig

Chart.js plugin is an easy-to-use canvas-based HTML5 charts plugin.

Chart.js →Bitconfig Live Edit →

Magnific Popup

Magnific Popup jquery plugins javascript Bitconfig

Magnific Popup is a responsive lightbox and dialog plugin with focus on performance and providing the best experience to your users on any device.

Magnific Popup →Bitconfig Live Edit →


Masonry jquery plugins javascript Bitconfig

Masonry, the pretty famous grid building plugin.

Masonry →Bitconfig Live Edit →

Responsive Elements

Responsive Elements jquery plugins javascript Bitconfig

Responsive Elements makes individual elements on your webpage responsive. The demo on the official website made our day!

Responsive Elements →Bitconfig Live Edit →

Slick Nav

Slick Nav jquery plugins javascript Bitconfig

Slick Nav is a lightweight navigation plugin for mobile devices.

Slick Nav →Bitconfig Live Edit →

Fancy Input

Fancy Input jquery plugins javascript Bitconfig

Fancy Input makes typing fun – it creates amazing effects as the user inputs text.

Fancy Input →Bitconfig Live Edit →


ScrollUp jquery plugins javascript Bitconfig

ScrollUp is a lightweight plugin to create a customizable “Scroll to top” feature that will work with any website.

ScrollUp →Bitconfig Live Edit →


Sticky jquery plugins javascript Bitconfig

Sticky is a lightweight plugin that gives you the ability to make any element on your page always remain visible.

Sticky →Bitconfig Live Edit →


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