Enterprise UX Industry Report 2017-2018

Driven by the consumerization of the enterprise, well-crafted UX is now a major competitive advantage for B2B products notorious for poor design. While many have reported on the overall role of design, few have investigated the new status quo for the multi-trillion dollar B2B space.

Diving deep into the B2B sector, the Enterprise UX Industry Report for 2017-2018 uncovers insights from 3,100+ product, engineering, and design professionals from around the world.

Respondents reported their background, experience, salaries, team structures, product development processes, design maturity, and more.

The new report reveals the trends, challenges, and forecast for freelancers, agencies, and teams of all sizes who create B2B products.

Insights in the 42-page report include:

  • UX is still new to B2B companies: Only 26% of respondents report that a full-time UX role has existed for more than 5 years.
  • Design consistency is the greatest challenge: 59% of respondents struggle with design consistency.
  • Agile rules the day: 93% of respondents report they follow either an Agile or “Agile-fall” product development process. The next step in the Agile UX evolution? Scaling design with component toolkits. Roughly 70% of all Agile organizations now use design systems or pattern libraries.
  • Salaries and earning potential are strong: In the US, 72% of all enterprise designers earn at least $75,000 per year.

Check it out, and feel free to share if you find it helpful!

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