How to hyperlink in Photoshop

As we all know, hyperlink is that which links image/text to another place either in the same document or different document or address. It’s pretty useful when you want to show more information. Follow the steps provided in this tutorial to create hyperlinks in Photoshop.

Steps to hyperlink in Photoshop:

1. First of all, open Adobe Photoshop. We are using Adobe Photoshop CS5.5 but this also works on earlier or later versions.


2. Next, Open any image where we will place the hyperlink. To do that, click on the File >> Open and select the file you want to open. Then click on the Open.


3. Next, from the toolbox, select Slice Tool (Shortcut – C) beneath Crop Tool and then start making the slice selection by clicking and dragging around the portion of the image where you want to place hyperlinks.


4. Next, right-click on the slices you have just created and click Edit Slice Options.


5. Next, enter the website URL which will open when the user clicks on the sliced area. Next, click on OK. You can do this for all the individual slices. If you want to open different URL when clicking different part of the image, then specify a different URL for the slices.


6. Next, File > Save for Web & Devices from the menu bar. Then select JPEG or PNG-24 in Preset and click Save.


7. Next, specify the name for your image in File Name. Then select ‘HTML and Images’ in Format list and then click on the Save button.


8. Finally, open the folder where you just saved sliced images and double click on the html file to open it. Here you will notice the hyperlink on the portion that you have sliced. Once you click on the slice, it will go to the destination you specified in the hyperlink.


This finishes our tutorial on how to hyperlink in Photoshop. If you’ve find our Photoshop hyperlink tutorial helpful, please leave a comment below.

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