Best Instagram Feed Plugins for WordPress in 2019

Instagram is one of the fastest-growing social networks, thanks to the type of engagement it offers. With the help of Instagram plugins, you can add Instagram feed content to spice up your website. Since users are visual beings, content which features images and videos is likely to lead to higher conversion. Users can also visit your Instagram to see what kind of content you are posting. 

Why Should You Have an Instagram Feed on Your Website?

Let’s look at some of the reasons why you should consider having an Instagram feed on your WordPress site.

Boost User Engagement

It’s a known fact that user engagement on Instagram is higher than on any other social network. Incorporating an Instagram feed on your website is the best way to boost user engagement.

Spice Up Your Website UI

Having an Instagram feed on your website enhances the website UI. The advantage of some of the Instagram feed plugins is that they come with very beautiful designs, colors and animation effects that are guaranteed to increase attractiveness.

Increase Your Brand Following

Having an Instagram feed on your website is also a way to increase your following. This is because users who engage with your feed are more likely to follow your brand and share or comment on your posts.

Keeps Users Updated

Having an Instagram feed on your website can also be a way to keep your users updated on the activities on your Instagram. For example, if you are having a promotion on Instagram and it appears on your website, customers will be able to participate.

Let’s look at some of the best Instagram plugins available at CodeCanyon.

Flow-Flow Instagram Feed Plugin

Flow-Flow is a multipurpose plugin that allows you to display responsive social feeds from many sources. Flow-Flow is the perfect plugin if you want to increase user engagement on your website. Its smart caching ensures that content is delivered amazingly fast without slowing down pages. You can also be assured that your authentication data is very secure since this plugin does not expose details such as app ids and tokens to the browser.

Other notable features of this plugin include:

  • Responsive layouts: Flow-Flow social stream is fully responsive to mobile devices. It also supports sliding on mobile devices.
  • Customizable: You can customize everything, including colors and grid design. In addition, it comes with many beautifully designed templates which you can choose from.
  • Search and sorting: Your users can find and sort posts by source.
  • Social sharing: Let your visitors share your content with their following.
  • Content moderation: Ensure that your content is free from spam and trolls.

This plugin also offers the ability to preview posts before publishing. Check out the live preview to see if this plugin is right for you.


InstaShow is an extremely powerful Instagram gallery, and it’s perfect for any kind of business. InstaShow has a filtering option that lets you allow or exclude certain photos depending on the source. For example, you can exclude posts depending on the location, profiles, or hashtags. It also includes a Call to Action button that lets users act on post; for example, the Call to Action below prompts the user to purchase the shown item. 

InstaShow call to action

Other features include:

  • UI customization: InstaShow features a collection of color schemes that allow you to display your photos in a format that matches the theme of your website.
  • Responsive design: InstaShow is completely responsive to mobile devices.
  • Social sharing: Your users can share posts with their followers.
  • Design quality: The design of this plugin is impeccable. With a lot of possibilities for displaying your feed, your customers will love it as well.
  • Multiple language support.
  • Popup features: This is a feature that allows you to display posts as popups. You can use it to display things like post location, view on Instagram, follow button, and many more. 

Element Pack is an add-on for the Elementor Page Builder that includes more than 110 elements for website building. One of the elements included in this add-on is the Instagram feed, which allows you to add an Instagram feed to your website using a simple drag-and-drop method.

The Instagram feed can be shown in several different layouts: 

  1. the default Instagram feed
  2. Instagram feed with show button
  3. Instagram feed with padding on images
  4. Instagram feed with follow button
  5. Instagram feed with a header

Some of the features of this add-on include:

  • support for multiple languages
  • ready-made homepages to help you get started quickly
  • follow button that can be displayed at the bottom of your feed
  • ability to display a header at the top of your feed

InstaLink is an eye-catching Instagram feed plugin that allows you to display photos in a responsive way. It is also super flexible and user-friendly. You can display photos on your website by Username, Hashtag, or by Username filtered by hashtag. InstaLink also lets you customize the size of images, background heading, and text.

Let’s look at some of the most notable features of this plugin.

  • Unlimited photos: InstaLink uses a scroll feature that lets you showcase as many photos as possible.
  • Customized appearance: InstaLink lets you choose how your photos appear; you can use it as a widget or simply a gallery layout.
  • Stunning user interface: InstaLink has a stunning design that features eye-catching animations, support for unlimited scrolling, and the ability to adjust to different screen sizes.
  • Fast performance: InstaLink uses caching to load content so that it doesn’t slow down pages.

Check out the live preview to find out if this plugin is right for you!


VCKit is an add-on for WPBakery Page Builder (formerly Visual Composer) that lets you integrate an Instagram feed with your website together with other amazing capabilities. This add-on is the best solution if you are looking to impress with stunning photos. All you need to do is paste your token key to display your feed.

With this add-on, you can:

  • choose the number of photos you wish to display
  • use hover color schemes to beautify your feed
  • enable autoplay for videos

In addition, VCKit is very easy to use, making the process of adding your Instagram feed smooth even for people who don’t have coding skills.

You can learn more about WPBakery here on Envato Tuts+.


Grace is a rich and powerful Instagram feed gallery that lets you customize every aspect of your feed in order to achieve the desired look. One of the most important features of this plugin is the ability to approve posts before they are shown on your website; this will help protect your brand from unwanted posts.

Other key features include:

  • Amazing layout: When it comes to displaying your posts, there are so many layouts to choose from, including masonry, fixed-height grid, image slider, and justified galleries.
  • Social sharing buttons: Grace comes with the ability to share posts. This lets your audience share your posts with their friends and followers, thereby giving a boost to your brand.
  • Visual composer: This component lets you embed your Instagram galleries on your website pages or blog posts.
  • Content filtering: The admin panel helps you filter your content in terms of words, URL, or by username. This feature is important to ensure your feed is free from trolls and spam.
  • Lightbox galleries: This lets you display your gallery with attractive animations and smart media preloading

Try the live demo to see what this feed is capable of!

Instagram gallery with Carousel

Instagram Gallery with Carousel is another WPBakery Page Builder add-on. It’s a multipurpose, all-in-one social stream that lets you stream different social media with a carousel on your website. This add-on provides several styles which you can choose to display your Instagram feed. So what makes this plugin one of the best?

  • You can display photos from multiple social media streams in the same grid layout.
  • The Show More option lets you keep your feed simple, but users can see the entire feed if they want to.
  • Supports social sharing for major platforms.
  • The feed is responsive and looks good on all devices.
  • You can customize the background and hover color.
  • Feeds can be sorted by date.

Give the live demo a try and see if this Instagram gallery add-on is a good match for your site. This add-on is also available in a bundle with many other great WPBakery Page Builder add-ons.


Many sites can benefit from an Instagram feed. Instagram is the perfect social media platform for catching the attention of your potential customers. Of course, It is also important to have a well-curated feed as well as high-quality photos if you wish to entice potential Instagram followers to be customers.

In this post, we have covered some of the best Instagram plugins and add-ons available at CodeCanyon, but there are tons of other awesome plugins which will be perfect for your needs.

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